Monday, March 9, 2009

Pizza Boy Traitors

The Real IRA have officially claimed responsibility for Saturday nights attack. In a message to The Sunday Tribune the caller said he made no apologies for targeting British soldiers while they continued to occupy Ireland and also said he made no apologies for targeting the pizza delivery men who, he said, were collaborating with the British by servicing them. So basically if you deliver a pizza to a British Army base you deserve to die. Interesting line of thought this. The 32 year old Polish man delivering a dominos pizza was in fact betraying Ireland. Damn right I say. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you quisling pizza boys, stop feeding the enemy. I think this is the single most pathetic thing I have ever heard.


Anonymous said...

its so pathetic. If it wasnt so serious twud be funny. Poor Polish lad, delivering a peperoni easy on the anchovies. I'd love to hear one of their representatives actually trying to defend this. At least in the 80's 90's, there was gerry A and Martin McG, the eloquent face of the struggle, who at least tried to justify their actions. Now its a silent minority of low IQ'd losers. Spa's! eoghan

Ted Leddy said...


Could you image some knuckle-head trying to explain to a news reporter how the pizza delivery guys were servants of the crown.