Monday, March 9, 2009

PSNI Man Dead, Step Up McGuinness

A PSNI man has been shot dead tonight. It has happened in the predominantly Catholic area of Lismore Manor in Craigavon, County Armagh. I do not know the circumstances of the shooting but it obviously must be connected to Saturdays double murder. Might this man have lost his life as the PSNI were confronting suspects of Saturdays attack or is this an execution of a member of the security forces by the RIRA. We will know shortly. If it is the latter then this could be the beginning of an organised and ambitious dissident campaign. I do not know how organised and ambitious the RIRA are but if this is something new then it means one thing. It is time for Martin McGuinness to step up.

Martin McGuinness is the deputy Prime Minister of Northern Ireland. Tonight a fatal attack was launched on the security forces of that state. Martin McGuinness has the power to end the dissident threat and sooner or later he will have to make a decision on whether he is willing to do what is necesary to see that this happens. His strategy so far has been to try to discredit the RIRA in the eyes of nationalists. But what if this doesn't work and the dissident strategy of tempting British soldiers back on to the streets begins to succeed. He will have to do much more and I don't mean simply condemning the killings in a stronger fashion or get the people to support the police. I mean he will have to actively and aggressively fight them. He will have to recognise that the Real IRA are in fact his enemy, just as the Brits once were. This is Irish history repeating itself. Michael Collins, Eamon De Velera and Sean Lemass all had to pursue former comrades. McGuinness is a former IRA commander. He knows personally who the RIRA leaders are. He can along with senior provisional IRA men that support the peace process provide the information necessary to the PSNI to crush the Real IRA. It is the price of political power. Martin McGuinness has to do this. Is he tough enough ? It will be the toughest thing he has ever done. Tougher that anything he did during the armed struggle. It means ratting out former comrades to the PSNI. They will call him a traitor and a servant of the crown. He will take comfort in the knowledge though that he is safeguarding the power sharing institutions, the peace process and the democratic path to a United Ireland.


Daithí said...

Well Ted - what do you make of McGuinness's comments? He called them 'traitors to the island of Ireland' - also, did you see the Sinn Féin MLA's comments last night? The same vain. I think he has stepped up, what you reckon?

Ted Leddy said...

Alright Daithi

Let me tell you if Marty keeps this up I'll name my first born son after him. He played a stormer today. He really could turn out to be the man who rescues us from this madness. He did not shirk away from the grave responsibility that comes with power. It remains to be seen to what extent he will go after these cowboys. There were two men arrested earlier today for the murder of the PSNI man. Might the provos of had a hand in this.

Just to clarify, I obviously don't want to see a bloody republican feud. I do want to see Sinn Fein pressurising the provos to help get these men off the streets. Thanks for the comment Daithi. What's the general feeling Lee side.

Bock the Robber said...

Ironically, the killers seem to have achieved a united Ireland.

Ted Leddy said...

True Bock

The response has been amazing. I saw a guy on TV today who lost his sight thanks to a rubber bullet from one of Britain's finest. He said he couldn't bare the idea of further violence against anyone including British soldiers. And yes, I don't think the Protestant and Catholic communities have ever been more united than they are right now.