Sunday, March 8, 2009

Six shot in Antrim

I have just heard that two British military personnel have been shot dead and four people wounded, possibly including civilians, in a drive by shooting outside Massereene Barracks Co Antrim. The incident happened just before ten o clock. First things first, I do not know who the victims were. Although I am aware that there are still British soldiers in the North it was my understanding that the few combat soldiers remaining are never on active duty. So these two people killed were probably not soldiers but some other form of military personnel deemed to be soft targets.

The scene outside Massereene Barracks, Antrim earlier tonight

So whats the story boys. You miss the troubles. You realise that your lives are so utterly without meaning that you want to start a war to make things interesting again. You think enough time has passed since Omagh that you can try this shit again and we will just have to take it. Its 1:30 am as I right this. I'm sure you're sitting in someones gaff now having a few tinnies discussing the operation. Your delighted with how it went and you are wondering what the fall out from it will be. Your hoping nationalist Ireland will sympathise with these killing you fucking Neanderthals.

Let me explain to you what the fall out will be from this act of murder (am hearing more details as it come in, so you dressed up as pizza boys, the founding fathers would be so proud you gutless monkeys). Just as always in Irish history republicans fight the Brits and then do a deal just as Sinn Fein did. Most accept this deal but some will fight on, in this case you, Ireland's freedom fighting pizza boy faggots. Your ignorance and stupidity that accompanied tonight's act of violence will now force Sinn Fein to get off the fence and finally put their weight behind crushing the dissident movements just as Michael Collins, WT Cosgrave, Eamon De Velera, Sean Lemass, Jack Lynch and Charlie Haughey all did before you. Now it is the turn of Adams and McGuinness. But this time it will be considerably easier because you have very little support and when Sinn Fein supporters begin to actively and aggressive put you out of business you haven't got a hope you pathetic fucks. But unfortunately for this to be demonstrated six people had to get shot tonight. As a proud Irish nationalist I ask you to please go to hell !

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