Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sri Lanka bloodshed

A Sri Lankan soldier stands near a tank as it fires a shell at Puthukkudiyirippu where fights between the Sri Lanka army and the Liberation Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE) are taking place.

If you think things are bad in the North or even in the Middle East then spare a thought for the people of Sri Lanka. The bloody 26 year civil war appears to be coming to an end. In recent weeks the Sri Lankan army have compressed the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) into a small junle area approximately 50 sq km in the North East of the country. It is of course good that the war is coming to a conclusion but it has a real "Battle of Berlin" feel to it. All rules have gone out the window as atrocity follows atrocity committed by both sides. I can't help ask where is the international outcry, particularly from the far left who accused Israel of genocide in Gaza.

It is believed that about 150,000 civilians are left in the small war zone. The UN and NGO's have reported that the Tamil Tigers are preventing civilians from leaving and even shooting many who try to do so in what is an attempt at using them as human shields. In any case the presence of civilians has not stopped the Sri Lankan military from shelling the region relentlessly. "The government cannot be responsible for the safety and security of civilians still living among the LTTE terrorists," said Lakshman Hulugalle, director general of the government's media center, in a statement recently. Again, this level of destruction and death is greater than anything seen in the Middle East in recent times but for some reason the Sri Lankan government gets a pass while Israel gets demonised. I don't understand why this is. Watch the Reuters clip below.

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