Thursday, April 30, 2009

French Anti Semitism

Below is a brief account of the very disturbing story of 23 year old Jewish student Ilan Halimi who was kidnapped tortured and murdered by a gang of Muslim youths in Paris in 2006. The trial began today. I have only become familiar with this story recently and can't help wonder why that is. If there were a gang of white supremacists doing the same to black youths in France it would rightly make international headlines. This case has not. Why ? Might it be the French trying play down the anti Semitic motive of the gang. I think what we are seeing here is French sensitivity to claims of anti Semitism. This sensitivity comes from France's reluctance to firmly come to terms with its controversial history regarding its treatments of French Jews.


Robert J. Avrech said...

Thanks so much for covering this important story.

The horrendous torture and murder of Halimi is all the more shocking because so many Muslims enthusiastically took part in his torture and imprisonment. It appears that it was something of a neighborhood affair, almost a sport.

Currently, thousands of French Jews are quietly buying apartments in Israel now. They understand that their time as French citizens is limited.

Zaki said...

The story of Ilan is unbelievable and beyond comprehension...
what his parents went through in terms of suffering is without a doubt a hellish experiences, like receiving phone messages with voices of poor Ilan screaming in pain and the Koran recitation in the background, and this without mentioning the insults that they had to endure about their jewishness and the blackmail and mental anguish.

What kind of people could do such a thing... I guess it explains how far the anti-semetism is growing in the land of Liberte, Egalite et Fraternite.

Why dont they leave the Jews alone and mind their own despicable lives? .... Why do they have to act this way?

Ted Leddy said...


You are welcome but no thanks required. I believe it is story that should be more widely discussed.

I recently finished a book titled "Verdict on Vichy" which details the role Vichy France played in the Holocaust. As I'm sure you know subsequent French governments have tried to play down this role. It is truly staggering to think that many French Jews are again living in fear in France.

I hope you are wrong about French Jews leaving. I hope most stay and help make France a better country.

Ted Leddy said...

The Whole story is very disturbing Zaki. I was not fully aware of the intimidation aspect that his family were put through. The anti Semitism in France comes mostly from Muslims. This is little comfort to French Jews as the Muslim population now numbers five million. I don't really know how bad it is, but I hope it doesn't lead to an exodus of French Jews. That would be a very bad outcome for France and Europe.

GW said...

As I recall, this did make headlines, at least across the pond, when it occurred. It was one of a series of stories I recall that suggested the combination of rising Muslim influence and latent anti-semitism in French society were creating a witches brew in that country.

Ted Leddy said...


Maybe I am getting carried away with the lack of coverage on this story. When it happened in February 2006 I was living in Dubai and you can be sure it did not make the headline in the Emirates so maybe I am unaware of the international uproar that followed Halimi's murder.

Robert J. Avrech said...


Interesting historical note regarding the French during World war II. The round-up of Jews, ordered by the Germans, was entirely carried by the French gendermes.

German soldiers did not participate. This was most unusual. Even in the Ukraine and Poland, home to virulent Jew-hatred, German soldiers were needed to round-up and deport the Jews to Auschwitz.

The French were the most enthusiastic collaborators against the Jews in all Europe.

French Jews must leave for the hostile Muslim population is far too great to resist and the French are turning a blind eye.

In the next few generations France will trade her loyal and productive Jewish citizens for sharia yearning Muslims, many of whom will be on welfare.

Aurevoir Franciais.

Ted Leddy said...


This is all true. Vichy France was I believe the only place in Europe, not occupied by German soldiers, where Jews were rounded up and sent to death camps.

"French Jews must leave for the hostile Muslim population is far too great to resist and the French are turning a blind eye".

I hope you are wrong about this and truthfully, I do not believe it has reached this stage yet. But sooner or later there will be a make or break point. I hope France breaks on the side of sanity.