Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What I miss

Those God awful FE1 exams are over with for now. I have another four to do in September but lets not dwell on them. I did very little blogging over the last three weeks. I missed it. When I don't blog its amazing how out of the loop you get so quickly. I feel like I'm playing catch up on world events.

Here is just a few things that caught my eye in the last few weeks that I didn't have time to post about.

1. The Israelis announced only last week that during the January war in Gaza the Israeli Air Force bombed a 23 truck convoy in Sudan which they believed was an Iranian shipment of weapons headed for Gaza. Wow , I think the Jews call it chutzpah. Clearly this was a message for the Iranians. Not only in that Iranians were believed killed in the incident but it was the Israelis saying, we are not afraid to take action well outside our airspace.

2. Benjamin Netenyahu finally managed to negotiate a government which is due to be sworn in today. Given the points made in #1 I think it is quite possible we could see an Israeli air strike on Iran before the summer.

3. There was an international meeting in Holland last week to discuss the future of Afghanistan. NATO was there as were many NGO's to discuss development issues. All regional nations sent delegations including the Iranians who pledged to actively cooperate in combating the heroine smugglers that operate along the Afghan Iranian border. I was near the Afghan border back in 2004 when I traveled to Iran, truly bandit country. The Iranian delegation met with Hillary Clinton. Is this a sign of things to come ?

4. There have been fatal clashes in Iraq between the Shia dominated military and the Sunni fighters that have been tasked with the job of fighting Al Qaeda. This could be every ones greatest fear coming true. The Sunni (sons of Iraq) are former insurgents who in 2007 were persuaded to turn against foreign Al Qaeda fighters in western Iraq. This was a successful tactic but many warned that integrating them into the Iraqi army afterward would be next to impossible due to sectarian tensions. If this fear is realised it could mean that all the progress achieved in Iraq over the past 18 months could be reversed in a new phase of sectarian bloodshed.

Ahhh.... Its good to be back.

My prediction for tonight Ireland 1 Italy 1


jay geenen said...

Good Morning Teddy;
I noticed in your blog that you follow Iraqi politics. I have a web site at and have a novel called 'The Iraqi solution' I call it fiction, but then. Check the site out, there is a little snippet of the novel at that site. Thanks Jay from Canada.

Ted Leddy said...

Hello Jay

Thanks for the comment. I was on your web site, very interesting. I'll be on it again no doubt. I try to do an Iraq related post every couple of weeks so feel free to drop by and contribute at your leisure. Iraq is one of those unusual cases where fact is actually more bizarre than fiction so I'm sure a talented writer such as yourself has much to say on the matter.

All the best


Robbie Keane (DT) said...

Ireland 1 - 1 Italy

Good prediction.

Wished you were there.

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Terrier

Would loved to of been there.

Roll on Bulgaria