Thursday, May 14, 2009

Endgame Sri Lanka

The war in Sri Lanka is reaching its terrible conclusion after 25 years of brutal civil war between the Tamil minority and the majority Sinhalese. The tiny remaining enclave in the North East of the country where the Tamil Tigers are holding out has been described by British foreign secretary David Miliband as the closest thing to hell on earth. The area has been reduced in size to one square mile yet according to the UN there are still 50,000 civilians trapped in it. The Tigers are refusing to allow them to leave and apparently shooting those who try to escape. And in the meantime the Sri Lankan military are relentless shelling the zone with heavy artillery. Such a nightmarish situation one cannot possibly imagine. This conflict is completely unconnected with the war on terror yet President Obama felt it necessary to add his voice to the calls that the final phase of the war be conducted with regard for civilians. I suppose calling for a ceasefire is pointless. There is no way that the Sri Lankan government would accept a ceasefire after 25 years of fighting when they appear to be about one week away from total victory. Watch Obama below.

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