Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sectarianism Returns

Evelyn McDaid, wife of Kevin McDaid, who was beaten to death by a sectarian mob in Coleraine, Co Derry at the weekend.

I detest sectarianism. I detest Celtic Football Club. I detest Rangers Football Club. Because on Sunday last Rangers won the Scottish Premier league over their Celtic rivals and to celebrate, 50 loyalist animals stormed into a Catholic estate in Coleraine and beat 49 year old father of four Kevin McDaid to death. His wife Eveyln (above) was also beaten as she came to the aid of her husband. And just to add some irony to the whole episode, it was a mixed marriage, Eveylyn is a Protestant. Allow me to elaborate for my non Irish readers. A flash point in the Northern Ireland conflict has always been the Scottish football league where Catholics support Glasgow Celtic and Protestants support Glasgow Rangers. I am a Catholic and also a fanatic football fan which means I should support Celtic. But frankly I can't stand either. I have never quite understood how Catholic Celtic fans (who can be equally as sectarian as their sworn enemy) display their Irishness by supporting what in fact is, a British soccer team. If anybody can shed any light on this anomaly I would appreciate it. In the meantime 11 men ranging in age between 18 and 50, including a father and son have been charged with the murder Of Kevin McDaid. Good to see the PSNI doing their job effectively. Zero tolerance toward sectarianism is what we need.


Anonymous said...

Those lads should be castrated. There is no punishment harsh enough for that kind of behaviour. Animals.

Ted Leddy said...


Hard to argue with ya.