Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanks Kim

Thanks Kim Jong Il you crazy bastard. That's just what the world needs right now, a nuclear stand off on the Korean peninsula. Since Mondays underground nuclear test in North Korea the communist state has fired at least three test missiles. This despite a rare unified and firm condemnation from the international community. The latest this morning is that South Korea and the US have agreed to stop and search any ships headed for the north that are suspected of carrying nuclear material. Does this amount to an effective blockade ? I will investigate. The North however has threatened to attack the south if the stop and search policy goes ahead. In any case this might prove to be the first real test for Barack Obama in the international arena. Every President is tested by an international incident early on in their presidency. We thought Obama already had his with the Taliban offensive in Pakistan. But if the Korean peninsula destabilises it will be the global event that dominates the rest of the year. I have always followed events in Korea closely ever since I visited the South in 2002. The events of the last few days is not the standard rhetoric. It is very worrying. Unless it is diffused shortly we could see a military clash between north and south and if that happens, who knows where it will stop.

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