Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ahmadinejad Wins (updated)

I was in the process of getting out of my bed on Saturday morning when I heard the news on the radio that Ahmadinejad had won. I fell and almost had a re occurrence of my knee cap injury that's kept me off the football field for six weeks now. I was utterly stunned at the news. How could I and all the other commentators have gotten it so wrong. Elections in Iran are generally free and fair, that is of course after the grossly undemocratic vetting process. However it is quite possible that this entire election was rigged, so much so that Mousavi has taken the unprecedented step of calling on the council of guardians to annul the result.

I heard on Friday night from the BBC's John Simpson's and Sky News' Tim Marshal that the mobile phone network was down in Tehran. Some Iranian blogs I was reading echoed this and expressed additional concerns that the establishment were making efforts to prevent Mousavi supporters from effectively mobilising. It is not a stretch to imagine that the regime would be willing to go one step further and rig the whole election. There was a massive 85% turn out in the election which should definitely have favoured Mousavi when you consider that the liberal youth of Iran make up 75% of the population. For Ahmadinejad to stroll to victory with a 62.63% to 33.75% majority is just too much for me and I for one am calling foul.


Anonymous said...

That's it? A photograph? You're getting Holywood on me Leddy. Thinking you can get away with a photography that "says a thousand words". Bollox.

Ted Leddy said...

Happy now Aido man.

Like you, I was very hung over on Saturday morning so give me a break.

Anonymous said...

LOL! My apologies Tedzer.