Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Love Iran

Iran is a wonderful country. Iranians are an amazing people. The events of the last twelve days have affected me deeply. To see a people who desperately want to live in a free country openly confront their oppressive rulers is truly inspiring. They say complaining about the government is a national past time in Ireland. That's true, and I'm as guilty as any but when you see young men and women being gunned down on the streets for daring to oppose their government, it really puts things in perspective. I attended a demonstration outside the Iranian embassy in Dublin on Saturday last. There is another happening outside the GPO on O'Connell street tomorrow. There is a big turn out expected from Ireland's Iranian community despite threats from the embassy that Iranians who get involved in anti regime activity could find themselves unable to return to the homeland or worse, it could be taken out on their relatives back home. What bastards. I for one, and my many Iranian friends plan on making a lot of noise.

During my time in Dubai I made friends with lots of Iranians. In the summer of 2006 I flew to Germany for the world cup. Ireland had not qualified (thanks largely to the Israelis) so I was looking for another team to support. I chose Iran because, well I just love Iran. So along with some friends I headed for Leipzig to watch the Iranians take on Angola. Here are some interesting pictures I took.

A group of Iranians unveiled this giant flag before the game. Note the symbol of the Lion with the sword in the middle. This is the pre 1979 flag as the symbol since the revolution contains the Islamic crest. Most fans had this flag indicating their opposition to the Islamic republic.

Myself, complete with Iran jersey and some of the lads

I snapped one guy at the game with an Israeli flag. I wonder who he was supporting ?

Iranian and Angolan fans celebrate a 1:1 draw outside the stadium.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ted, when you were choosing a team to support at the world cup, did it help that Iran's colors weren't a million miles from the Irish colors, and that the support of either team could be conveniently inter exchangeable. Just a thought for the day. great pics man. eog han

Ted Leddy said...

Its possible Eoghan. But in that case I would have supported the Ivory Coast who also qualified for Germany 2006. Their flag is Orange white and green, only different than the Irish flag in terms of order.