Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm full of it

Richard Dunne celebrates putting Ireland in front in Sofia on Saturday night.

The truth is I didn't go to any museums, synagogues or war memorials. I just got thrashed instead. In my defence we didn't arrive in Sofia until late Friday night after an all day stop over in Cologne where we, well, got thrashed. So after a super Friday night in Sofia's "Student City" district I was unable to rise earlier than midday the following day which pretty much ruled out any hope I had of doing some serious sight seeing. In all fairness, what did I ever really expect from a two day trip to eastern Europe with thousands of Irish fans for a crucial world cup qualifying match. Anyhow the main thing is we didn't lose the match and Ireland are still on course to finish second in the group behind Italy which would provide us with a realistic opportunity of making it to the world Cup in South Africa next year. Mind you the trip was not entirely without political exposure. At the foot of the magnificent Cologne Cathedral, famous for surviving countless allied bombing raids during World War Two, we came across a pro Palestinian demonstration entitled "Cologne's wailing wall". Interesting choice of words I would say.

My travelling companion and all round ballbreaker Mark May took this photo of "cologne's wailing wall" in front of the famous Cologne Cathedral.


MM said...

I like to break balls.
I am also interested in heathering womens worrell

Ted Leddy said...


I'm fed up with this !

DT said...

MM, Ted is right, to be fair.