Thursday, June 11, 2009

Iran not a dictatorship

According to Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria Iran is not a dictatorship. It doesn't want a nuclear bomb. It wants to do a deal with the west and contrary to the American and Israeli right they are not suicidal. Zakaria argues that they are in fact rational actors that conduct foreign policy based on what they perceive as being in Iran's national interest. Does anybody care to disagree here ?


Anonymous said...

I think as long as you have countries like the US that are intolerant of foreign ideas and political opinions counties like Iran will struggle to be accepted internationally.

Have they ever threatened world peace? Have they insinuated that they are engaged in a nuclear program that is confrontational?


IF they are furthering their nuclear capabilities, they are doing so to stand on the same stage as the worlds great powers.

Everyone* knows that launching a weapon against an advasery ensures mutual destruction. Only one country has done the unthinkable. Hence the phrase "nuclear deterant".

All they want, in my opinion, is to have the same respect/standing as any world power. Having weapons of the same magnitude is a must.

Does the bully take note of the nerdy kid in the playground? No.
If the nerdy kid learns kung fu, then the bully takes notice.

*Unless you are an American defining the dropping of a nuclear weapon on a civilian population as heroic, ye, even the former secretery for defence Robert McNamara said if they'd lost it would be considered a war crime.

Wars are fought by armies.
Keep the women and children out of it.
Someone has to remember the mistakes.

Ted Leddy said...


You could be right Aido. But to ask Israel to just hope the Iranians are not seeking a nuclear weapon that could wipe them off the earth is asking a bit much in my opinion. They hoped someone would handle Hitler in the 30s. Didn't quite work out.

Anonymous said...

Ye true I see your point there Ted. I still have my doubts as to whether any countries leader is so fanatical that they would risk the death of their entire race in a bid to fell another.

Actually, is it doubts I have or am I just hoping that no one is that insane?