Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Iran, a Truly Orwellian State

I have blogged before on Gubu World that if there is ever to be an Islamic reformation or a similar event that successfully brings Islamic values and democratic values into line with each other, Iran will be the country where this happens. I still believe this because Iran unlike other Middle Eastern nations is a politically vibrant country where intense debate on this issue exists. Iran has a strong civil society and a democratic tradition going back to the constitutional revolution of 1906 leading me to conclude that Iranians not only hold genuine democratic ambitions but that their society could handle the stress involved in a transition to democracy. That being said one should be under no illusion as to the true nature of the current regime. Many commentators on Iranian events, myself included are occasionally tempted to lessen the brutality of the regime because of the division of power that exists in the Islamic Republic which is so rare for a dictatorship. Make no mistake though, Iran is a class A dictatorship.

During my time in Iran in 2004 I was exposed to the tremendous energy and enthusiasm of the "students for democratic change" movement. It was inspiring to be among them. However there was another more sinister side to this movement which I became regrettably familiar with. I am referring to the feeling that you are being watched. I was told by many Iranians that I shouldn't trust anyone. My immediate reaction in my naivety was "why, everybody is so nice". Iran is a country where people spy on each other. Many people who say they are hostile to the government may only be telling you what you want to hear. Just like behind the Iron Curtain people are always listening. Sometime its because an informer is secretly loyal to the regime. Other times its because the security services have gotten to a dissident and have threatened them and their family. Amazingly this even goes on outside Iran. Iranian embassies in Europe often threaten their compatriots with severe consequences for their incarcerated family member back in Iran unless they cease engaging in anti regime politics in their adopted country. It must be remembered that the Iranian regime is exceptionally clever. It is also worth noting that they themselves came to power in a popular uprising so they understand exactly what needs to be done to prevent one in the future. Below is a very disturbing clip from an Iranian television programme that encourages people to spy on each other. This does not happen in a quasi democracy. It only happens in a truly Orwellian state.


Mark said...

Where do I start.

1) Where did they find those actors. A definite careers in Hollywood alongside some class A infidels such as Aston Kucher, Den Affleck and the Balwin brothers.

2) Hey Persia, hire some new video graphic designers. Poor John McCain is looking a right state. His loss to Obama has really hit him.

3) Bloody Zionists

4) That's guy's mother shouldn't be sneaking around in his son's room. He has privacy Misses.

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Mark

All good points, particularly about McCain. He looked like a Thunder bird.