Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Karimi shows his colours

Earlier today Iran played South Korea in a crucial world cup qualifying match. Six of the starting eleven players wore green wrist bands in solidarity with the reformist demonstrators. However when they returned to the pitch after half time the wrist bands had been removed. God knows what was said to them in the dressing room. Irish fans may remember Ali Karimi (above right) who tormented the Irish defence back in 2001 when Ireland met Iran in a world cup play off. Its clear that the former Bayern Munich star is not a fan of the current regime.

And today's demonstration is supposed to be small
Watch the clip of the silent march of 100,000 protesters to the city centre. Mousavi urged his supporters to stay away from today's demo. But he has called on them to come out in force tomorrow. Can you imagine the size.


GW said...

I think this could easilly spin beyond Mousavi and into a general revolt against the regime. The fact that Mousavi asked his followers not to protest and 100,000 still turned out certainly seems to suggest that there is more to this than merely who is to be President.

Ted Leddy said...

I agree GW

I spent one month in Iran in 2004 conducting research for my thesis on the 1999 student demonstrations. This is definitely bigger. Its more raw and sporadic which makes it more difficult for the regime to control. Iranians are ambitious for their country, they don't want one bad ruler replaced by another, slightly less bad one. Iranians are also clever, they know if change comes but it comes from within the confines of the Islamic republic, then little will change in reality.

Emad said...

hi Ted, there is not 100,000, there were 3,000,000 peaple, According to Qalibaf, the mayor of Tehran