Sunday, June 21, 2009

Round up Iran

The Iranian authorities are admitting that ten people were killed and over 100 injured in Saturdays violence. It is safe to assume that the real toll is higher. Hundreds of prominent reformers have been arrested including the daughter of former President Rafsanjani. All foreign media, that had been forced off the streets into their hotels have now been banned from the country altogether. As international opinion really begins to come down hard on the regime they are beginning to look increasingly pathetic as they start trying to blame the unrest on the west. Its clear to me that anti American rhetoric is all they have. Its a card that they always play in order to throw sand in every ones eyes and confuse the issue. I for one am not confused. I know who is to blame and who the cruel ones are.

I took these photos yesterday of a small but vocal and passionate group of protesters who had gathered outside the Iranian embassy in Blackrock Dublin

There was another quite bizarre development that I want to mention. Saturday saw a suicide bomb at the site of Ayatollah Khomeini's tomb. Three people were injured by the blast. I was at this tomb in 2004 and I remember security being very tight. This perhaps explains why only the bomber was killed.I am very curious to know who carried out this attack. Although there are occasional bomb blasts in south west Iran where the disaffected Arab minority reside it is extremely rare for such things to happen in Tehran, and at such a revered site. It may have been the work of the MKO, who are basically the left overs of the Marxist wing of the 1979 revolution who were routed in the post revolutionary power struggle. I however thought that this group had no capability inside Iran having literally all been captured killed or exiled. The only thing I know for sure is that this suicide bombing introduces another unstable element into an increasingly unpredictable situation.

More photos of the Dublin demonstration organised by the "Hands off the People of Iran" organisation.


Annie said...

Hi Ted, good pics, I was wondering if anything had happened back home i.e. protest at the embassy. Keep up the good work cos without your site to explain things to me I'd remain very ignorant on whats going on....hows the car working driving it yet?

Anonymous said...

I cant get over that video down there. Horrific.

Ted Leddy said...

Alright sis

Hope your having a good time in Portugal pretending to study. There is a big demo planned for outside the GPO tomorrow at 6. I'll post photos from it. The car is fine. Only crashed it once.

Ted Leddy said...

Its unbelievable Aido. No movie has ever come close to accurately portraying what its actually like to be shot. Its a simple video clip yet its so shockingly graphic. The dead girl has now become a symbol of the movement so maybe some good will come of it.