Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm confused

Tension in Birmingham

I just saw a Sky News report that 33 people were arrested in Birmingham yesterday after clashes between anti fascists and people protesting against Islamic fundamentalism. Hmmm... should they not be on the same side. Of course not, because in the mind of the far left you cannot be a fascist unless you're part of the white establishment. I have been saying for a long time now how nauseating it is to see leftists, who are supposed to be for workers rights, anti racism, equality for women and general fairness in society swallow their principles and become apologists for Islamic fundamentalists who are the worst offenders in the above categories. Its really is GUBU. Its like their level of political correctness is so perverse that if a British Muslim murders dozens of fellow citizens it must be Britain's fault for putting mean thoughts into the murderers head. While in reality his motive is likely his hatred of liberal society. For the record, the politics of Al Qaeda is more right wing than the politics of Nazism. They are racist toward Jews in an extreme way not seen since Auswich. They are more opposed to equality for women that any other category of Human beings on earth. And in any country where they have power the first people they turn on are trade unionists and leftist and anybody they deem resembles a godless Marxist. But for some bizarre reason the far left ignores this to the extent that if people demonstrate against Islamic fundamentalism they will likely oppose the demonstration as racist. If they had any principles at all they would be joining the demonstrations against Islamic fundamentalism, the real fascism. To be fare, I know lots of lefties who are not this extreme and do not become paralysed in confusion when addressing this issue. They recognise that you can be an environmentalist or a trade unionist and a fierce critic of militant Islam. Unfortunately though their voices are usually drowned out by the eccentric hard core leftists whose hatred of the establishment is so extreme that they are willing to come to the aid of conservative Islam.


Zaki said...

The left as whole (from its hardline extremist Maoist and Anarchist standings to their naive centrist multiculturalist feminist reformist tendencies) has bailed out completely and shelved its rancor, opposition much less its fight and resistance against militan islam (islamo-fascism). It is as if its goal (anti-capitalism, anti-western, anti-American) cannot be REDEFINED. It is stuck and cannot stray outside its own dictates. It bears resemblance with Islam as a political movement, specially the so called moderate islam (which is a contradiction).

You got it right, Islam is fascism. Everything accepted as right and normative is set by its terms of definition. While fascism of old relies on racial and civilizational tags such as Italio-Roman grand empire and add to this the rennaissance movement in the Arts, architecture also the twisted pre-christian Germanic/"Arian" racial distinctions; islam is defined by what its glory of conquest and the assured high status of believers. Thus anyone outside the comunity of believers is inferior.

However, here is where the difference lies which gives Islam its somewhat dubious emancipatory and acceptable role. While the old fascism was based on irreversable situation of groups definition and impossibility of mobility or change in status from inferior status to higher one, Islam openly allows one to take on the faith and acquire the new status of beleivers and let those who refuse be second class citizens with their dhimmis status.

This is hardly a fair choice that can be defined as emancipatory and full of God glory. It is cultural extortion at its finest. It is as if a choice could have been deviced by Hitler where subjugated people (Jews,Slavs,Franks,Gypsies, were to choose to be injected with Arian blood in the veins in order to become full blood Arian and join the fold of the most advanced human civilization on earth.

Of course, we know well that socio-biological determinism as an ideology was set in motion not to change subjugated people but to used them as slave and annihilate in the end. Slavery at its finnest with the washfull eyes of reproductive quotas and labor demand.

Islam on the other hand comes out with one of the brilliant schemes of protection ever. Accept sharia laws and rip the benefits, or you can keep your faith and we will protect you by extorting you to death. In fact, Islam rapid expansion between 7th to 11th century was primarly due to the jizza and dhimmitude status non-muslim workers, artisants and laborers... And the Jizza has to be paid for each head of the family....

These two groups you written about should be put in the same categories...but they cannot see eye to eye... Go figure.. It is sad because both are screaming and yelling for all the wrong reasons...

Ted Leddy said...

Well said Zaki

Interesting explanation and comparison between Islam and fascism.

And I share your anger with the left and its hypocrisy on this topic.