Friday, October 16, 2009

70 Years Ago Today 16/10/39

Edinburgh Scotland: A dozen German bombers attempt to bomb British warships docked at Firth of Forth near Edinburgh. RAF Spitfires confront the Luftwaffe and shoot down two of the raiders before chasing the rest away. Four ships are damaged in the attack the most serious of which was the destroyer Mohawk. This is generally regarded as the first Luftwaffe attack of the UK mainland in the war.

Saarbrucken: There is a skirmish on this day between French and German soldiers in the border town of Saarbrucker. Last month a small amount of French troops made an incursion into German territory. On this day the German army pushes French troops back to the Maginot Line

Germany: Warships are ordered to torpedo allied merchant shipping without warning.

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