Monday, October 26, 2009

70 Years Ago Today 26/10/39

Britain: The Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps is formed.

Krakow: Hans Frank, the Nazi lawyer who was appointed governor general of occupied Poland two weeks ago has begun to put his plans for the Jews into motion. He issues an order on this day that all Jewish men between 14 and 60 are obliged to work on official labour projects. The concentration camps have not yet been opened so the Jews are being transported daily to factories in the cities where they are forced to work in the war industries. It is not only Polish Jews being subjected to this treatment as most German, Austrian and Czech Jews have at this stage been transported in cattle trucks to Poland. The Nazis will overcome the administrative difficulties involved in this process by creating a concentration camp in Auschwitz which the following year.

Hans Frank, the Governor General of occupied Poland pictured below right along side SS chief Heinrich Himmler. Frank would eventually see justice at Nuremberg and be hanged for his crimes as in 1946.

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