Friday, October 30, 2009

Bloodiest Month Yet !

The only other President that I have ever seen do this is Jed Bartlett in The West Wing. Some time after mid night last night President Obama flew to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for the arrival of the bodies of US soldiers killed this week in Afghanistan. It was the bloodiest week in the bloodiest month for US forces since they invaded Afghanistan eight years ago. It is crunch time for Obama on Afghanistan. There is a fierce debate going on in the US as to whether NATO should adopt a counter terrorism approach in the war which would mean focusing on air strikes and the use of special forces or counter insurgency which would require at least 40,000 additional troops to protect the civilian population. Naturally Obama is being called a weakling by the republicans and the conservative media for stalling. However the President has stated he will not be rushed on the issue which is without a doubt the most important decision he has been faced with so far. As you can see from the picture above he knows what is at stake. That is why to his credit he does not appear to be listening to the polls and doesn't care what the media think. He has said he will listen to all his military advisers, some of whom favour counter terrorism, others counter insurgency and implement the strategy most likely to succeed. His decision is expected within the next week. I am working on a detailed post about the merits and flaws of the two different strategies at the moment. Will post it over the weekend.

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