Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't pannick I'm back !

Right, I'm back. Finished my exams on Friday and spent the weekend partying. I saw Ireland almost beat the world champions at Croke Park but the sneaky Italians stole and equaliser in the 90th minute. Around the world its been hectic. Ireland finally ratified the Lisbon Treaty leaving only the Czechs as the last EU country still to do so. President Obama has abandoned American plans to build a Missile Defence Shield in Poland and the Czech republic. What was the pay off, if anything ? The Iranian nuclear crisis which has been ongoing since 2002 appears to be coming to a head at last as a second nuclear facility has been exposed in the city of Qom. General McChyrstal has requested 40,000 extra US troops to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan where NATO appears to be taking a beating. This has sparked off a fierce debate in America as to what the next appropriate step is in the country that proved to be a graveyard for the British and Soviet empires. And Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace prize for nobody knows what. I am working on posts for all of these issues right now.

The reaction after Sean St Ledger puts Ireland in front after 87 minutes. Sadly the Italians got one back three minutes later. We are still on course to qualify for South Africa next summer via the play offs

Also I want to rap up my favourite war movie countdown. I'm down to my sixth. People have been complaining at my lack of Vietnam movies. True I have always been a World War Two man but there will be at least one in there from Nam. In addition it was the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the second World War last month. To commemorate I am beginning a new series of posts entitled 70 Years Ago Today followed by the date. It will consist of brief daily posts containing information about the events of the day 70 years ago. In theory I should be doing this every day up until the the 2nd of September 2015, the 70th anniversary of the Japanese surrender. I'm starting a month late but sure what ya gonna do. I hope you find it interesting. Its often the little things that illustrate what life was like during the war that really illustrate how mad it was to live through a time when the world was blowing itself to bits.

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Annie said...

Looking forward to the film countdown and catching up on world affairs now that your back! Oh yeah and.....Come on Ireland