Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Missile Shield

In my absence last month I never got the opportunity to comment on Obama's decision to abandon the Missile Defence Shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. I posted on this issue last year here where I exposed how fraudulent the whole thing was. Now Obama's many critics have been claiming it is appeasement 1938 style. A weak white house has sold two loyal allies out to the Russian bear. He has given up the missiles in exchange for nothing to the detriment of US national security. He has emboldened Americas enemies and isolated their allies. What utter and total and complete unmitigated horseshit !

Firstly Obama most certainly did get something back from the deal. The Russians have agreed not to place missiles in the Russian enclave of Kalingrad, which they have been threatening to do ever since the Bush administration decided to go ahead with the defence system. For some reason the American media have completely ignored this fact. Secondly the Russians have agreed to cooperate more with western efforts to hit Iran with tougher sanctions in an effort to get them to abandon their nuclear ambitions. To what extent they are willing to do so remains to be seen and will depend to a large extent on Obamas own ability to be a no nonsense negotiator with Moscow.

The most annoying aspect with this whole thing is the analogy that America has sold the Czech and the Poles out to appease the Russians. The Poles and the Czechs never wanted this system. When it was first put out there they both emphatically rejected it. It was only when a counter offer was made which included tens of billions of Euros investment in both the Czech and Polish armed forces that the deal seemed sweet enough for them to contemplate saying yes. And even at that the deal had still not got past the Czech parliament and the Poles were looking for more money by the time Bush had left office. Now I'm no expert but I though that if you protect someone then they should be paying you for that protection. Not in this case it would seem. Here the Americans were attempting to protect Europe from an attack by Iran from long range but conventional missiles and in response America was to reward the Czech Republic and Poland for allowing America to protect them by giving them Billions or Euro in military aid. To put it simply, the Americans under the Bush Administration wanted this, not the Poles or the Czechs.

So I am glad Obama got rid of it. It will hopefully free the Obama administration up to deal with real threats. If the Europeans are worried that Iran might fire scuds and them then let them build their own missile defence system. I thought American conservatives were supposed to be against big government spending. But just not it would seem against spending billions of dollars protecting and ally that then seeks a bribe in for your protection.

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