Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paris Showdown

35,000 Irish fans cram into the Stad de France in October 2004, "you're supposed to be at home"

So its France. On Saturday November 14th Ireland will play Les Bleus in Croke park. The following Wednesday we will play the 2006 world cup finalists in the Stade de France. The winner takes all. I don't mind that its France. They have had a bad tournament so far and immediately on hearing the result of the draw in Zurich yesterday Irish memories went back to the famous 2004 game in Paris when 35,000 Irish fans took over the Stade de France. I was at that game. I intend on being there again on the 18th for what I hope will be one of the most memorable occasions in Irish sporting history. I got nostalgic after hearing the draw yesterday and decided to root out some of my photos from the 2004 game. Below is a sample of the best.

In our hotel room before the game

Getting warmed up, thats me on the right

I believe this discussion was about, should we have one more or should we head to the stadium

In the train station just before we head to the stade de france

The Stade De France

Ireland, a nation of 4 million people equaled the number of French fans on their home patch. And we were emphatically more vocal than them.

The boys in green salute the Irish fans after the game

Its party time in Paris, later that night some of the boys are looking a bit rough


DT said...

Sometimes its not about getting from A to B. Its about going through C!!!!!

A metphore for that trip and now our current campaign. Great memories and hopefully next month will be like you say, one of the greatest achivements in Irish sport.

We'll be there again!

Ted Leddy said...

Cant wait DT, just can't wait. Last time "C" was a ferry to Cherbourg and a drive across Normandy. This time its a session in London and a high speed train under the English channel. A result would make it the greatest journey ever taken.

Anonymous said...

Who's the blimp in the middle of the first photo in the Meath jersey??