Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sharron Commins released

Irish aid worker Sharon Commins was released from captivity yesterday after 106 days in captivity in Sudan's Darfur region. Although it appears the Goal worker and her Ugandan colleague were kidnapped by a criminal gang demanding a ransom I have no doubt there is a connection between the abduction and the warrant issued against Sudanese President Omar al Bashir by the International criminal Court in Den Hague in March of this year. The arrest warrant led to a wave of kidnappings of westerners in Sudan. These were clearly government sanctioned and a blatant Bashir tactic to retaliate against western signatories of the ICC. The fact that the two were released without a ransom being paid as Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheal Martin insisted today adds weight to the theory that the government in Khartoum were really pulling the strings on this one. Why else would a criminal gang release their hostages without a ransom unless they were made do so by their masters. The main thing is that the two were released unharmed although reports are emerging today that they were mistreated and subjected to mock executions. We will know more in the next few days. The government jet has been sent out to Khartoum to bring the Dublin woman back home. She arrives back tonight.

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