Tuesday, November 3, 2009

70 Years Ago Today 3/11/39

Britain: After complaints from employers and Trade Unions the duration of the black out is reduced by an hour. It now runs from half an hour after sun set to half an hour before sun rise. Clearly a phony war headline.

Moscow: Talks continue between the Soviet Union and Finland. The Finns are refusing to give in to Soviet demands for more territory. War between the two appears inevitable.

South Africa: Prime Minister General Smuts promises the British that he will defend their African colonies if they are attacked. The one time Boer commander is now a staunch British ally.

General Smuts who fought the British during the Boer War is now an allied leader. He is pictured here with Churchill (who was taken prisoner by the Boers in that war) and other common wealth leaders. They are Left to right: standing - General Smuts, Peter Fraser (New Zealand); seated – Mackenzie King ( Canada), Winston Churchill (Great Britain) and John Curtin ( Australia)

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