Friday, November 27, 2009

70 Years Ago Today 27/11/39

Moscow: The Kremlim claims that Finland has fired artillery shells into Soviet territory. Stalin demands a withdrawal of Finnish troops Karelian isthmus, near Lenningrad.

Helsinki: The Finnish government has denied the soviet claims saying the artillery fire has come from the Russian side of the border. The Soviet Union and Finland are effectively at war with each other.

Germany: Anti Semetic regulations were stepped up on this day. All "Aryan" Germans were warned to divorce their Jewish spouses or face the consequences.

Oslo: The Nobel Laureate Committee have understandably announced that there will be no peace prize this year. This is poignant considering todays news that the 2003 winner, Iranian Human Rights activist Shirin Ebadi who has not returned to the country since the post election turmoil in June, has had her offices raided and her medal confiscated by the Iranian authorities. Pretty low I would say.

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