Monday, November 30, 2009

70 Years Ago Today 30/11/39

Finland. The Soviet Union invaded Finland on this day 70 years ago. After months of negotiations between the two over a territory exchange in the bizarre new post Nazi Soviet pact world, negotiations between the two finally broke down. On this day Soviet ships bombarded Finnish ports, the Soviet Air Force launched a heavy raid on Helsinki and the Red Army launched an all out attack on the fortified Mannerheim Line. The Soviets have vastly superior numbers. However the result of this war, within world war two is far from certain. Soviet propaganda informed the Red Army that the Finnish proletariat would rise up and welcome Soviet troops as liberators from their capitalist oppressors. The war was less than an hour old when it became clear that this would not happen. The Finns were prepared to defend their homeland fiercely. In addition this is the first major combat that the Soviets have been involved in since the outbreak of the second World War and since Stalin's purges of the Red Army leadership in the late 1930's. They are leaderless and vulnerable and it is already showing.

The Red Army invaded Finland along the above fronts.

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