Friday, November 27, 2009

Ebadi Medal confiscated

Shirin Ebadi has had her Nobel Peace Prize confiscated by the Iranian authorities. The 2003 winner has not been back to Iran since the disputed election last June due to fears for her safety. I have read several of Ebadi's books and admire the lawyer and former judge greatly. I heard her speaking in Trinity College Dublin last year. She is not just a Human Rights activist. She is a passionate pro democracy campaigner who has lobbied aggressively for the core characteristics of a democratic state which extend far beyond election. She is the leading campaigner in Iran for a free press and most importantly an independent judiciary. She naturally took exception to the decision of the regime to remove her from the bench because of her gender. What a ridiculous stunt this is by the mullahs in Tehran. As if nicking her medal is going to de-legitimize her in the eyes of her followers in Iran and around the world. I can tell you from reading her biography, she is tougher than that.

Shirin Ebadi receiving her Nobel Peace Prize in 2003

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