Saturday, November 14, 2009

France Part 1

Tonight Ireland play France in the first of a two leg playoff for a place at next summers World Cup in South Africa. Its winner takes all. This is a big as it gets. We have no injuries, we have a seriously hyped up nation and we have a French team who, while they do have all the big stars also have a reputation of not being that up for it when it comes to international football. Anyway I'm Off to Croke Park shortly as I am to Paris next week. May Jesus, Allah Buddha and anybody else whose listening bring nothing but good fortune to the Irish and help the French live up to their tradition of being a nation of surrender monkeys. Cmon Ireland !

And just to get in the mood watch a few clips of:

Ireland doing the Dutch

And getting one over on the Italians

And the Germans

Some memories from 1990



Anonymous said...

we CAN DO IT. maybe.

Ted Leddy said...

No maybe's, We can do it !