Friday, November 20, 2009

France Part 2

The above picture is the only point about the game I want to make.

I am disgusted. I am bitter. I am broken. Watch this space for anti French sentiment because you will see lots of it. I was already pissed off at the French before Thierry Henry conned the referee and robbed us all of a dream summer in South Africa by acting like he was a Harlem Globe Trotter. On Wednesday morning myself and the boys Qued for an hour to go up the Eiffel Tower only to be refused entry at the last minute. As we were quite aggressively man handled out of there we requested an explanation. The reason ? One of my mates had an Irish flag with him which is apparently against the rules as they don't want any foreign flag raised above the tower. Funny, they pretty much welcomed the Nazis into Paris and allowed them raise the swastika over the Eiffel Tower for five years. I should also mention the disgraceful behaviour of security staff at the Stad de France who I witnessed assaulting several Irish fans as they were clearing the stadium. As if we hadn't been insulted enough by the French nation. Anyway I'm ranting and I'm wrecked. I am very tired and emotional. I'm back home now and I'm off to bed. I will get back to posting about the Middle East and war and all that soon but I also intend on having a serious go at the French whenever I can. De-legitimising their history will be comforting I hope. God knows I need some comforting.


Anonymous said...

no words can describe the travesty of what occoured at san denis. We will fight another day. World cup 1014 here we come, eoghan

Ted Leddy said...

Its gonne be hard to take Eoghan. But take it we have to.

DT said...

Its an absolute sickener.
I blame the linesman.
I'm sorry about the Ivory Coast jibes in that café.
I really need to watch that game again but I dont know if I can face it.

Ted Leddy said...

No need to apologise Damo, It was an amateur mistake.

I blame the linesman too. If the ref didn't see it then thats it. But the linesman should have called it.

Can't watch the game either. Have it taped but just can't do it. Maybe in a few weeks when the pain is less severe.