Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gubu World is going to France

Things get a bit heated at the end of Saturday's game. In my opinion Richard Dunne should have head butted him.

I'm off to Paris tomorrow for France part 2. I'm flying to London and getting the Euro Star to Paris. Its all or nothing now. Its as simple as that. I still believe we can do it because frankly I think the French are a pathetic people. Not like me I know to get so personal but fuck it. This is the World Cup we are talking about so emotions are a bit high especially since that scum bag Diarra apparently insulted the Irish nation at the end of the game. I have never wanted Ireland to beat a team more. Not just to win but because I can't stand the arrogance of the French. And it would mean so much more to a recession hit Ireland than it ever could to France. They don't even care about their national team, mostly because so many are black. There I said it, hardly surprising really from a nation where 25 Per cent of the electorate voted for a fascist in the Presidential election before last. France, nation of 65 million people could only send 5000 people over to Dublin for a crucial world cup qualifier where as Ireland, a nation of 4 million are sending 20,000 over to Paris. Where is the patriotism Mon Ami ? No wonder they have never been able to stand up for anything in their dismal history except that is for slaughtering Algerians and Vietnamese in a pathetic attempt to hold onto their empire like and ageing rock star trying to be cool and hip. Anyway, I think I need to calm down a bit. I'll get over it if we beat them on Wednesday. I will try to do a post from Paris but if not you can follow my adventures on twitter.


Paul said...

Some of your comments are a tad OTT but they're obvioulsy meant to be jocular. On a seaprate note well done for Sunday against the Aussies. A superb game, I'm not sure the same will be said about England when they face the All Blacks.

Daniel said...

Ha, Irate Ted, Irate.

Thay did make us a gift of the Irish Tri-colour. Now go wave it in their faces!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear Ted's views now that the game is over. He is right now on his way back to the Emerald Isle.

Ted Leddy said...


After the game in Dublin I would have said my anti French rantings were jocular. But after Henry's basketball antics on Wednesday I am not so sure.

The Rugby on Sunday was a cracker alright. England and the All Blacks will be likewise I reckon.

I'm not sure they gave us the tricolour. And I did wave it in their face. They even kicked us off the eiffel tower for it.

I don't like using the term cheese eating surrender monkey's but what a bunch of Cheese eating surrender monkey's. Aido man, I have never been as bitter over a sporting incident as I am right now. Make it go away. I'm not comfortable hating.

Daniel. said...


Ted Leddy said...

Alright Daniel I see you have been made aware of my error in Paris.

For those of you who don't know I painted the tricolour on my face for the match but in my haste to do so I led with orange instead of green and inadvertantly painted the Ivory Coast flag on my face.

In my defence I was pissed, and it was the right way around in the mirror.