Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hostage Crisis Anniversary

I took this picture of the old US embassy in Tehran during a trip in 2004. The US seal on the front gate is the only US marking that indicates this was once their embassy.

On the 4th of November 1979 Iranian students who were followers of Ayatollah Khomeini stormed the US embassy in Tehran. They were angered at US President Jimmy Carter's decision to allow the ousted Shah of Iran into America on medical grounds. They would occupy the embassy and hold its 52 staff hostage for 444 days. Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of this event. Every year Iranian hard liners commemorate the event by organising a "Death to America" rally. This year however the demonstration was hijacked by students of a different political persuasion who were chanting "Death to the Dictator" instead. This time the chants were directed not at the Shah or the White House but at Ayatollah Khameini and President Ahmadinejad. The reformers, those not imprisoned after Ahmadinejad's fraudulent election last June used the occasion to rekindle anti government demonstrations that were crushed in the weeks following the election. Below is a short clip form yesterdays anti regime demonstrations which were once again met with brutal force.

I walked all the way around the massive former US embassy. There are anti American murals on all the walls. This one above mocks the attempted rescue of the hostages by US marines. President Carter ordered the rescue but it eneded in disaster when two helicopters collided on route killing eight marines.

Plain and simple, Down with the USA

This mural depicts Iraqi bombers attacking Iran with missiles supplied by the USA

The above mural mocks the Arab world for being stooges of the US.

The caption reads, "We will make America suffer a very severe defeat"

I think this one is accusing America of being a gun of the Jews

I just had to put this one up. Nearby the former American embassy is the current British embassy located on, believe it or not, Bobby Sands Street.

This massive mural was not near the embassy but I had to put it up regardless. Amazing !

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