Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sarah Palin on Jewish Settlements

Sarah Palin is asked about Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

I have a problem with what Sarah Palin is saying here for obvious reasons. But the sheer bizarreness of her advocating the continued expansion of Jewish settlements in the west bank in a blatant attempt to deny the Palestinians a viable homeland is not the main thought I first had on hearing this interview with Barbara Walters. It was quite obvious to me that this was a ridiculous attempt to impress the Christian Zionists and other pro Israeli elements in America by taking up a stance on the conflict that could never be sustained once in a position of power. Jewish settlements in the West Bank are hugely controversial. The reason being that there are many hard line Zionists whose agenda is not the security of the Israeli state. Their goal is to fulfil a biblical prophecy by creating a greater Israel in the holy land by expanding the Jewish state at the expense of the Palestinians. In order for this to happen the Palestinians must be denied a state. Otherwise the greater Israel can never happen. Most Israelis however and all normal thinking people the world over recognise that this should not happen and that the most viable solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict is for a secure Israel and a workable Palestinian state to exist side by side. By advocating the expansion of Jewish settlements Sarah Palin is committing the cardinal sin of being more Israeli that the Israelis themselves. It always hurts the peace process when people not directly connected to the conflict like European leftists or American conservatives take a more hard line stance than those they support. In any case her support for the Jewish settlers is completely unsustainable. If she ever does become President she would have to drop it immediately. I don't think the 22 Arab nations out there, many of whom are American allies would take too kindly to the US abandoning one of the primary conditions required for a permanent settlement. I find it so nauseating to listen to such blatant pandering to constituents, particularly when it could never be followed through with.

Oh it does feels good to be blogging about the Middle East again. I am still a bitter man after our Parisian nightmare but the best way to get over things is to just get back to normal. I'm not sure what it says about me that the conflict in the Middle East makes me feel better.

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