Friday, December 11, 2009

Gubu World going to Switzerland

I am going to Switzerland today along with the entire Leddy family to celebrate my eldest brother Feargal's 40th birthday. Parents, siblings, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends and grandkids are all making the trip to Zurich to visit the brother, his partner and baby son who moved over there two years ago. As a result there will be no posts on Gubu World until Tuesday but in the highly unlikely event that you are intererested you can follow me on my twitter page. I am also conscious that I have not done a post outlining my firm views on Obama's Afghan surge. This has been due to indecision on my part. I simply haven't decided yet whether I support his plan. However I do intend to have some interesting discussions over the weekend with my anti war brother and conservative father which will I'm sure enlighten and inspire me to come up with a concrete stance.


Burgos said...

Thanks for giving my runner back. Pity I left the other one in Tullamore, ha?

annTHEpan said...

How'd your trip go?????

Ted Leddy said...

No problem Burgos

Hope the Christmas Party went well, even if you only had one shoe.


Super trip, the best was the hot springs.

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