Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Counter Insurgency

Obama will make an adress from West Point military academy tonight

Last month I posted on the options facing President Obama in the Afghan war and whether or not he is likely to adopt a counter insurgency or counter terrorism strategy. He has spent three months debating with his staff on whether or not to grant General McChrystal the 40,000 extra troops he requested in what would be a major escalation of the war and a definite sign that the President intends to pursue a counter insurgency strategy. He will announce his decision tonight in an address to West Point military academy although the White House has leaked in the last few days that the President will agree to send approximately 30,000 troops while pressuring other NATO allies to make up the final 10,000. The exact numbers will be known shortly.

The President has been the subject of fierce criticism from republicans claiming that he has hesitated on this issue. My instintcs tell me that in a long war like this, making the correct decision is more important than making it quickly. I'll be listening to his speech tonight. What I will be listening for is an indication that the President has an achievable goal. Afghanistan is simply the worst country in the world to get bogged down in. If it turns into a never ending battle against highly motivated Afghan peasants, America will lose.


Dave said...

hi Tedser, what you make of FAI's carry-on over last few days? I've a new blog started - link below - have a look; would love to get your thoughts


Ted Leddy said...

Good man Hanley

Good to have you in the blogosphere. I checked out your blog. Fair play, looking forward to more.

To be honest I felt all the talk about Ireland being team no. 33 a little embarrassing. I think we should take it on the chin at this stage.

I have put your blog on my blog-roll on the right hand side of my blog. You might get a few extra hits from it. Look forward to many lively debates with you my separatist rebel friend.