Sunday, January 31, 2010

Intersting Phone Snaps Part One

I was flicking through the pictures on my phone recently and noticed that over the last two years I have compiled quite an interesting collection of snaps. I tend to take a pictures of anything remotely political. Some of my snaps are of demonstrations I attended or in some cases, came across by accident. Some of my snaps are simply of interesting things that caught my attention on the street. Anyway today I bought a USB cable so I could share some of these pictures with my Gubu World readers. My first collection of snaps are of the funeral of former President Dr Patrick Hillery which took place in April 2008.

The Former President's Tri Colour draped coffin is carried out from the pro Cathedral in Marlborough Street by members of the Defence Forces

Dignitaries exit the cathedral after the service. Visible in this picture is Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore and Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

Visible in this picture is Minister for the environment and Green Party Leader John Gormly who is talking with former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds. Also visible is Minister for Communications Eamon Ryan.

Army Officers carrying the coffin.

The Coffin is placed in the back of the hearse.

Army Cadets prepare a guard of honour.

The Hearse begins the journey down Marlborough Street to Glasnevin cemetery. Note the flag flying at half mast.

Senior army personel participate in the Guard of Honour.


Confucius said...

You should dig out those photos of the riot in Pamplona that you crazily ran to, and i sensibly fled from!

Ted Leddy said...

Good thinking Confucius

I still have them somewhere. No doubt my readers would be interested in images of Basque rioters and Spanish cops going at it big time.