Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blogs I Read Part One

I have decided to do a series of posts on the blogs that I read. I thought I should do this because my blog roll, the section on the right hand side of my blog under the heading "blogs I read", is very important to me as it is the way I keep myself up to date on the latest world events. My blog roll does more for me than the main stream media ever could, mainly because it is blunt and honest. Everyday I click on these blogs to get the news and opinions of these highly political people. The blogs I read are varied. Some are famous, others are obscure. Some are liberal, others are conservative. Most of the blogs I read are Irish, but there are also several American, British, Israeli, Iranian and Canadian. Below is a sample of some of the best.

Among my favourite is Wolf Howling. Created by GW, who often leaves comments on Gubu World, Wolf Howling is a conservative American blog which has educated me greatly on the thinking of the American right. This is a brilliant blog. GW's opinions on world events are second to none and if you want to hear an articulate, intelligent and passionate argument from a conservative point of view on the turmoil in Iran, the war in Afghanistan and Obama's health care plan, there is no better blog. And to his credit, he is not simply an Obama basher. While not a fan of the new President he always gives him credit if he believes he deserves it. In a very dignified fashion he puts the case for the conservative way in a very convincing style. Reading Wolf Howling has thought me to view conservative America not as it is so often portrayed in the media, as backward stupid, gun loving and religion obsessed but as traditional, democratic and proud. All values to be admired.

I would say I have checked Seraphic Secret every day for the last two years, even before I started Gubu World. Created by Robert Avrech, seraphic Secret is a fiercely right wing blog. Robert is an Emmy award winning screen writer in Hollywood. Robert as a conservative Jew and a religious Zionist is a staunch defender of Israel. He is exceptionally articulate and makes the case for Israel better than anyone I have ever come across. I also share his love of movies. Be warned, he has little tolerance for Israeli critics.

Time for a lefty. Juan Cole over at Informed Comment is probably the best expert on the wider Middle East on the blogosphere. He is President of the Think Tank Global Americana Institute and an author of several books on the Middle East. This guy is brilliant. I know of nobody better at dismantling a neocon argument than this guy. He misses nothing particularly in Iraq which has fallen off the radar big time over the last year. He also has his finger firmly on the pulse of the Pakistani situation and all its tribal complexities.

Its time to go Irish. Bock the Robber is probably my favourite Irish blog. Bock (real name unknown) who is based in Limerick, passes comment and the good bad and ugly of Irish society. He harbours a particular anger toward the catholic church for the way it has handled the abuse scandal and the banking system for how it has wreaked havoc on the Irish economy. His favourite international issues is the Israel Palestinian conflict which I regularly clash with him on. I would love to introduce this man to Robert Avrech, sit back and watch the sparks fly. What I love most about Bock the Robber is the raw anger that often comes out in quite a humorous away. Sometimes there is just nothing funnier than an angry man.

Above are four of my favourite blogs. I have many more on my blog roll and I intend to do a little piece on them all so watch out for Blogs I Read Part Two.

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