Monday, January 11, 2010

Dissident republicans and a Mad Sheikh

I must apologies again. My lap top required repair this week so I was off line. The stories I wished to post on or at least note were the following.

Last Friday dissident republicans in the so called Real IRA put a bomb under the car of a Catholic PSNI officer. The recently married man is still in critical condition. Constable Peadar Heffron, 33, is an Irish language specialist for the PSNI and captain of the PSNI GAA team. Now, readers of Gubu World will know that I have an anti profanity policy on this blog. Well I'm afraid when it comes to Ireland all bets are off. Let me explain why I really wish that these mother fuckers would just fuck off. Constable Heffron was targeted not just because he's Catholic, but because he is very Catholic. The RIRA are trying to bully Catholics out of the North's police force as well as frighten others who may be considering joining. They are doing this because a police force in Northern Ireland that is respected by both traditions is something they can't handle because it does not fit into their view of Northern Ireland as a sectarian state. They fear that progress in Northern Ireland legitimises Northern Ireland. This is why they are attempting to destabilise the power sharing institutions with a renewed campaign of violence. After all the North has been through they actually want to go back to British Soldiers on the streets and sectarian violence. This is a crucial moment in Irish history. So crucial that every effort should be made to prevent those opposed to progress in the North from gaining any type of capability. In the South I want to see the might of the Irish state come down hard on the enemies of Ireland to crush these treasonous bastards. We have the amended Offenses Against the State Act and the tough new anti criminal legislation. Anyone in the Real IRA operating down South should be picked up and put away for membership of a terrorist organisation. Rant over !

Also last week was the trial of Sheikh Issa bin Zayed Al Nayhan, a prominant member of the UAE royal family and half brother of the President. Sheikh Issa was on trial for the brutal torture of an Afghan grain salesman who apparently double crossed him. I covered this story last year here in what proved to be one of my most popular posts. However the Skeikh was acquitted of all charges despite that fact that there was clear video footage of him brutalising the poor soul. I was naive to expect a different verdict.

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