Tuesday, February 23, 2010

70 Years Ago Today 23/2/40

Faroe Islands: On this day 70 years ago the British destroyer HMS Gurkha sunk a German U Boat off the Faroe Islands.

Turkey: A state of emergency is called after rumours spread that the Red Army have crossed the Causcasian border. The rumours turn out to be false.

Helsinki: As the war continues to go badly for the Finns the government in Helsinki repeat calls for assistance from its Scandinavian neighbours.

Moscow. Joseph Stalin sends his final peace terms to the the Finnish government. The terms are even harsher than those offered in December which caused the war. They are demanding large sections of Eastern Finland including the city of Viipuri, Finland's second biggest city. The Finns appear to have little alternative but to accept.
Stalin is putting the knife into the Finns leaving them with few options

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