Thursday, February 4, 2010

70 Years Ago Today 4/2/10

North Sea: The British minesweeper HMS Sphinx is sunk after being attacked by German aircraft. 54 men are lost.

Helsinki: 14 are killed and 179 others are injured after heavy raids by the Soviet Air Force on the Finnish capital.

Paris: The French War Council announced on this day 70 years ago that a joint Anglo French force would be sent to, believe it or not, Finland, to help the Finns in their war against the Soviets. This is such a weird little chapter in World War Two. It appears that France and Britain were at one stage considering war against both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. By February 1940 Stalin had invaded more countries than Hitler and many in the west believed that uncle Joe was a bigger danger than uncle Adolf. This doubt would not last much longer and the proposed British French force would never materialise in Eastern Scandinavia. However many anti communist volunteers from countries like Norway, Sweden and even America would rush to join a foreign legion in Finland in order to fight against the big red bear.

Its 1940, you live in Eastern Europe, who would you choose ?

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