Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Great News

Great news folks . I have purchased a new iPhone. Like most bloggers my biggest challenge is time. I have two part time jobs, a hectic social life and am currently studying to be a solicitor. Finding time to comment on global events can sometimes be too much. But with this new piece of technology I reckon I can pull it off. I am writing this post entirely from my phone. From now on my readers can expect much more regular posts. I can post from trains or planes, buses or cars. No more being out of action every time I go away for a few days. My iPhone will not enable me to write large posts every day. Readers can still expect about three detailed posts a week. But I will be able to update on an hourly basis and can post smaller pieces daily. I am thinking of posting a "photograph of the day", thanks to
my brilliant new camera phone. In any case, gubu world readers can look forward to a lot more.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ted, how long have you been working for Apple? Only joking. Its such a revolutionary bit o kit alright. I endorse photo of the day, ... a little visual impact goes a long way.
Not really diggin twitter yet. I've joined but havnt quite gotten the point yet. Prob will soon, then i'll be all over it.
All the best young fella, eoghan.

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Eoghan

Twitter is strange alright. I use it to follow the latest news and opinions of people I follow. And if there is something I want to say but don't want to write a whole post on it I just put it up on Twitter.