Monday, February 22, 2010

One State Madness

The center of Dublin city was plastered last week with posters for a public meeting on the future of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Can Palestinians and Israelis live together in one state. I was desperate to attend this but just couldn't get around to it. It attracted me big time, not least because of the left wing Israeli perspective but because I was curious to know how any intelligent person could think that incorporating the one million citizens of Gaza into Israel would bring peace to the Holy Land. To be fair, I wasn't there and they might have come to the conclusion that it would be suicidal for Israel to do this. I doubt it however and I know why. The far left still take the World War One approach to conflict. This simplistic theory basically says that the working class from both sides should unite against their real enemy who is of course their own capitalist oppressors. If they did this then peace would break out. Well good luck getting a working class Jewish settler from the West Bank and your average Hamas supporter from Gaza to come together in the spirit of Marxist harmony. It might have made some sense in the trenches during WW1 but I'm afraid it just won't fly in the Holy Land today.

The truth is there are only two groups of people who want to see a one state solution. The first are Arab nationalist and their left wing sympathisers who simply cannot to this day except the idea of a Jewish state in the Holy Land. As far as they are concerned Tel Aviv and Haifa are Jewish settlements that must be liberated. When they talk about a one state solution, this is what they really mean. The other is the Jewish settler, usually an extremist and often backed by the Christian Zionist in the United States. These people believe that there should be one state, a Jewish state located between the Mediterranean sea and the Jordan river. And as for the millions of Palestinians living in the West Bank, well they can stay, or leave, but staying probably won't prove to be too healthy.

The reality is that a one state solution means victory for one side over the other. The phrase is in fact code for winner takes all. It may be understandable that people directly involved in the conflict have come to this unreasonable conclusion after decades of hatred. But I find it unforgivable that your average leftists in Ireland or elsewhere would take such a hard line position. They should remember how Irish America, behaving more Irish than the Irish themselves ended up complicating the peace process. To be fair I know many of these leftist's personally and I obviously don't think that they want to see Israel destroyed. They believe that borders cause division, so if you take away the borders you take away the divisions in time. It worked in Europe. And who knows maybe in many decades time it could work in the Holy Land, but not I suspect in my lifetime.

The end game in the Holy Land is a secure Israel and a viable Palestinian state. All reasonable people understand this. Even not so reasonable people like Yassir Arafat had come to this conclusion at the time of his death. The Irish Anti War Movement might want to ask themselves why they are taking a more militant position on the Israeli Palestinian conflict than someone like Arafat.


Anonymous said...

This is madness! It is all about destroying the Jewish state. A one-state solution means an Arab and Islamic majority. It also means the right of return for the descendants of the 710,000 Arabs who fled, even though this vacancy has been filled by the 1 million Mizrahi Jews who were intimidated and expelled from Arab countries. They also lost 3 times more land and 3 times more wealth then the Palestinian Arabs!

Justice in the world means more states, not less states. A sovereign Palestine, Kurdistan, and Southern Sudan would do me fine!

Back to my wheel!
Edward the Hamster

Ted Leddy said...

Thanks Edward for your articulate comments

I think you got it spot on really. I should have mentioned the "right of return" which is in reality a ruse designed to change the demographics of Israel in favour of the Arabs.

You are also correct, nobody ever talks about the right of return or compensation for the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were expelled from Arab countries after the foundation of Israel.

An independent south Sudan and Kurdistan is something I would love to see too. I can't help point out how these two causes have never captured the imagination of the left. Probably because the opposition is not a western or western backed nation.

Thanks again for your comments. Feel free to to come back any time. Think of it as a distraction. I'm sure it must get a bit monotonous running around that wheel.

Paul said...

It's really interesting isn't it how the far left support the Islamisation of the region?

I mean when do they call for Germans to return to what was once East Prussia?

Armenians to Turkey?

Hindus and Sikhs to Pakistan?

The list could go on and on and even include the population shifts between Britain and Ireland that were in many instances caused by conflict. But the far left pursue this 'right of return' because it pleases their Islamist allies. It has no basis in law and is based upon a completely false historical notion. But then again everything the far left believes is also, after all Communism failed.

Ted Leddy said...

Well said Paul

The far left had always held Israel to a completely different standard than everyone else. Hence the uproar when it comes to the right of return for Palestinians but silence on Armenia Kurdistan ect. Israeli halks tend to say this is down to anti semitism. I think this is sometimes true but an unfair accusation to hurl at people recklessly.

I think that because the far left have never been big fans of western democracy for their own ideological reasons they will always sympathise with the rebel fighting western, or western backed nation. They will usually do this regardless of the politics of the rebels. I love reminding them that the first thing Islamists do in any country that they gain power is to round up, imprison or kill all the Godless marxists. They really should choose better company for themselves.