Monday, February 15, 2010

Photo of the Day

The Mansion House Dublin, residence of the Dublin Lord Mayor. Note the registration of the Mercedes. One perk of being Dublin's Lord Mayor is that you get the first car of the year. Hence the reg number 10-D-01


Anonymous said...

i thought it was one of the houses up in the georgian village! I cant wait to get my chance to vote for a directly elected mayor. Ted for Mayor! eoghan

Anonymous said...

wheres the clampers whan ya need them? eoghan

Confucius said...

Could easily have been a Belfast customised registration plate for the time 12.50... Wha!

Ted Leddy said...

That's right Eoghan

They are planning to change the way the Lord Mayor is elected by allowing a public vote. Not for me though, I want legislative power.

Good one Confucius, what you been smoking in San Fran ?