Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photo of the Day

I took this picture a couple of days ago. It was taken at the junction of Moore Street and O'Rahilly Parade. Why take this picture, two reasons. Moore street is one of Dublin's most famous streets. Known for it's fish and fruit markets, it has been at the center of casual trading in Dublin for hundreds of years. It is an interesting image from any angle but my real interest lay in capturing the name of the little known alley way that lies just off Moore Street. The obscure side street is named after Joseph O'Rahilly (The O'Rahilly), the least well known leader of the 1916 Rising. The reason he is less well known is probably because he was the only leader, other than De Velera that was not executed. He was in fact killed in action on the spot marked in the picture above. Moore street and O'Rahilly Parade are located behind the GPO where the leaders of the rising had their head quarters. On the final day of the rising O'Rahilly led an attempted break out onto Moore street but was cut down by British machine gun fire in the above alley way. Another reason that he is less well known is that he was one of the leaders who along with Eoin McNeil and Bulmer Hobson attempted to have the rising called off after the failed attempt at landing arms in Kerry days before the rising. After driving around the entire country informing the volunteers that the rising was cancelled he arrived back in Dublin on Saturday only to find out that the order had been countermanded and that the Rising was going ahead, in Dublin anyway. He reluctantly took part in the rising uttering one of it's most famous lines, "I've helped to wind up the clock, I may as well here her strike". He later stated that "it is madness, but it is glorious madness".

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