Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Plot Thickens ... Big Time

The Irish connection to the Dubai Hamas Hit has deepened. I was listening to security expert Tom Clonan on the Tubirdy show this morning and the former army officer had some fascinating insight into the assassination itself and the Irish connection. On the issue of the assassination method Clonan believes it was a radical departure from normal Mossad tactics. Usually it's a bomb under a mattress or a car. Sometimes it's a double tap with a silencer in a hotel room. But Clonan believes the Dubai hit was deliberately different. In other cases the dead men were afforded martyrdom status. By going out in a hail of gunfire or a glorious explosion the dead men are guaranteed to be worshipped as martyrs. But when they are stalked, smothered and poisoned it is not so glamorous an end. Mossad have always wanted to terrify Israel's enemies. Perhaps this new ambiguous approach is part of that psychological effort. Clonan also believes the use of female assassins is significant. It's a patriarchal thing for Arabs and it adds to the humiliation already inflicted by the undignified manner of death by smothering.

There was a further development yesterday regarding the Irish connection. We know that at least five and possibly as many as nine Irish passports were used by the Mossad team. Now it has emerged that the address provided by one of the assassins when he was checking into his Dubai hotel, is a vacant house in Ballsbridge owned by Jim Reynolds, brother of former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Albert Reynolds, pictured here at a Dubai Duty Free event. When I first heard this news a couple of things instantly struck me. I know from my time in Dubai that the Reynolds family are regular visitors to the Arab emirate. They have financial interests in many projects out there. Might this be in any way relevant ? I also knew once I heard the address of the house in Ballsbridge that it is located a couple of hundred meters from the Israeli embassy. Again, is this relevant ? The fact that the property has been vacant for ten years also struck me as suspicious. It is located in the embassy belt, the most profitable peace of real estate in Dublin. It is inexplicable that it could be lying vacant during the past ten years of celtic tiger Dublin. Some of the papers this morning are reporting that Jim Reynolds bought the property from a Jewish man in the 1960's. I'm not even sure what the insinuation is here. But I guess it is that the Israeli embassy might be the real owners of the Ballsbridge house. In any event the Reynolds family have said they know nothing about it and are horrified that the address was used by one of the assassins.

This is all a bit too cloak and dagger for me. I read the book Striking Back about Mossad's convoluted campaign to track down all those involved in the Munich massacre. This whole episode is in the same league. And there is another twist. It is well known that the Reynolds family have close relationships with many prominent Arab Business leaders and Sheiks, mainly in Horse racing and trading. In 1992 it is believed the then Taoiseach assisted several such people, some of whom were Palestinian, to receive Irish passports. Is it possible that Israeli intelligence have held a grudge against Albert Reynolds for some time because of this and they used the Ballsbridge address to embarrass him. Yes it is possible, but its a major stretch. At this stage all we have is a collection of curious coincidences. We know nothing of consequence at the moment. And like everything in the world of international espionage it is a murky affair. However this is a story about political assassination involving Ireland, Israel and Dubai, all topics I love to discuss. It is not going to go away and you can be guaranteed that Gubu World will be keeping an eye on it.


Anonymous said...

"Clonan also believes the use of females assassins is significant. It's a patriarchal thing for Arabs and it adds to the humiliation"

God I love those Jews! What do they call it? Chutzpah.

As a woman I have always been utterly repulsed and fearful of Arab/Islamic patriarchy. This is not helped by dizzy Western feminists being more concerned with maternity leave and lads' mags, then they are by an fundamentalist ideology that hates women.

Once the Jews are destroyed or subjugated, there won't be much hope for women or gays.

I have little opinion of the Dubai hit and I assume that it will blow over. Obviously the Israelis need a bee in the ear for using our passports though, but other then that nothing can really be done.

Edward the Hamster

Ted Leddy said...

That's Chutzpah alright

You touched on a point I am very interested in. Feminists as we know tend to be left wingers who blame western policy for creating Islamic terrorism. They also claim they want to see the empowerment of women. There is no culture that resists that aspiration more than Arab Muslim culture. How they deal with this obvious incompatibility of positions is something I love to keep an eye on. I would always be interested to hear your views on the subject.

As for the Hit itself I'm in two minds. If it can be demonstrated that the dead man was a real and constant danger then fair enough. But if it was just a revenge killing gangster style, it has to be condemned.