Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thats all !

Below is the 30 second add that drove the liberal left in America mad. I don't even like American football. But I was looking forward to seeing the half time add that had generated such controversy. I just did and I am highly disappointed. Its neither controversial nor in your face. Abortion is a debate I tend to stay clear of. I am a pro choice man but I didn't find the add at all controversial. I had been led to believe that a right wing church group had managed to purchase the insanely expensive Superbowl air time in order to demonize the enablers of baby murder. As you can see it is totally harmless. I think the "pro choicers" need to chill out somewhat.

To summarise. The woman in the add is a mother of a famous football player. Apparently when she was pregnant with him she took ill and doctors advised her to terminate her pregnancy. She didn't. As a result the pro life lobby see her as having a positive image so the conservative organisation "Focus on the Family" paid for the add to promote their pro life message. Quite harmless I would say, certainly not controversial enough to try to get it banned.

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