Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weird interview techniques

I have been watching a lot of FOX, CNN and MSNBC lately. And I cant help point out the peculiar way they conduct their interviews. Your average discussion goes something like this.

Anchor: Thank You so much for joining us.

Political pundit: Its good to be with You.

Anchor: Well its a real pleasure to have you on our show.

Political Pundit: Well thank you for having me on.

Then there is a slight pause.

Anchor: Well, thanks so much for coming on.

Political Pundit: It was my pleasure.

Anchor: Its always good to have you on.

Political Pundit: I enjoyed it !

Anchor: Come back anytime now.

Political pundit: You bet.

They spend more time meeting and greeting than they do discussing the topic. My advice, get on with the bloody interview.

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