Friday, April 30, 2010

MPAC Exposed

Liam Egan and the fascist Muslim Public Affairs Committee are upset. They are upset that women have been banned from wearing the full veil in France. They are upset that the Irish government did not make more of an effort to prevent CIA rendition flights refueling at Shannon. They are upset at the plight of the Palestinians. This seems fairly reasonably. Many decent Irish people would also have issues with these things as well. But coming from the MPAC it is completely fraudulent.

OK lets take them at their word and address their concerns. Just say tomorrow Barack Obama withdrew all US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Would they be happy (the correct word is appeased)? The answer is no because we forgot about Palestine. So lets end the Israeli occupation of Palestine too. Not good enough because Israel must be removed from Arab territory altogether. Fair enough, lets get an international conference going where we say to the Israelis, sorry but you really don't belong in the holy land, its time to pack up the Jewish state and for you all to move elsewhere. Surely that will be enough. No. Its time to move on to Spain. Seriously, Andalusia the southern Spanish province was ruled by Arab conquerors from the 9th to the 13th century and they want it back.

As for the rest of Europe, once an area gets dominated by a Muslim population through immigration then it is Muslim land. Shariah law must be implemented in these areas and non believers must be challenged and ultimately converted just as they must as if it were an Arab country. Just in case people think I am being alarmist I can categorically say as I did here that we have nothing to worry about such is the honourable and law abiding nature of Ireland's Muslims, virtually none of whom share these radical views. Nevertheless, these are the views of the minute MPAC and their fanatic outlook should be exposed. And the truth is that the MPAC and their ideological comrades elsewhere will never be appeased until we have all submitted to their fundamentalist interpretation of Islam.

I have blogged at lenght before about the MPAC here and here and remain in no doubt what the organisation is all about. Below is a brief abstract from a recent post entitled In the absence of Reason all that remains is Resistance which I believe illustrates perfectly what the organisation is really about.

We have allowed ourselves to be duped, pacified and excluded on every level. We have abandoned our religion and put our own selfish interests before that of Islam, the result – humiliation. But all is not lost, for Allah has given us a way out. The foundation for our return to superiority is not capitulation but a return to our religion

The Islamic world used to dominate civilisation. They were ahead of the christian world culturally and technologically throughout most of the dark ages. However this began to decline dramatically beginning with the siege of Vienna when the Ottoman (Turkish) armies were repulsed by the Austrians at the gates of Vienna in 1683. The loss of power and prestige was complete with the Turkish defeat in 1918 at the end of World War One which saw most of Arabia fall under British and French occupation. The final insult was the creation of Israel in 1948. Four times in the latter half of the last century the 6 million Jewish inhabitants of Israel successfully resisted an onslaught by 200 million Arabs. The question was asked, how have we fallen so far to such an extent that we numerous Arabs cannot even defend our sacred land (Jerusalem) from the Jewish invader ?

The answer to this question as we can see from Mr Egan's MPAC quote above is a return to fundamental Islamic principles. The MPAC follow the beliefs of Sayid Qutb who himself was a follower of Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab the father of the Wahhabi movement which has ruled Saudi Arabia since 1922. However many followers of Wahhabism, Osama Bin Laden being the most notable, but I suspect Liam Egan as well, believe that the Saudis have abandoned the true principles of the conservative Islamic sect. Hence the words "We have abandoned our religion and put our own selfish interests before that of Islam, the result – humiliation". This is a reference to how the Arabs have existed in a collection of nations which have confronted the Jewish state using conventional armies where they were subsequently annihilated. Such people believe that in order to defeat Israel you must not fight it on its terms, you must fight a holy Islamic war. This belief received a massive boost with the Muslim victory over the Soviet Union in Afghanistan where the Mujaheddin fought a holy war, not a conventional war. It has slipped their memories that they would have been trounced had it not been for Ronald Reagan's material support.

The MPAC share the same agenda as most Sunni Wahhabi militant groups. While they have committed no act of violence that I am aware of I wouldn't put it past them. Thankfully they have been completely rejected by the Muslim community here and I'm sure the special branch of the Gardai are keeping a close eye on them. Nevertheless it is entirely appropriate that their true agenda be exposed and that they not be permitted to hide under more legitimate grievances. I will continue to do this.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh Gordon

When will politicians learn. Check that your microphone is off. Rookie mistake for such an experienced politician. He should have learned from the "Yo Blair" incident.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photo of the Day

The new Ireland soccer Jersey. I like this picture because there is something pious about it. The sacred Heart and the light shining on the Jersey is surely a good omen for the future.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last week senior Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi made quite an astonishing claim. Apparently earthquakes are cause by women dressing immodestly. And that if Tehran wants to be spared a massive Earthquake like the recent one in Port Au Prince, Iranian women must stop challenging the strict Islamic dress code that exist in the country. Quite unbelievable really ! Not surprisingly, advocates of women's rights the world over were not too pleased with this blatantly misogynistic statement.

An ingenious campaign led by American student Jen McCreight was launched to test the clerics theory and see if he might actually be on to something. She initiated a campaign on facebook and twitter to encourage as many women as possible to wear their most revealing clothes on the one day to see if it might trigger a quake. Yesterday over 200,000 women participated in the online event. Follow this link to view some of the participants. I highly highly highly recommend that you do so. In any event yesterday the 26th of April passed off without any earthquake. This pretty much proves what all normal thinking people already knew to be true. That Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, like most Iranian clergy is in fact a perverted man with a warped view of the human race.

Below is an interview with Jen McCreight, the creator of boobquake.

And even the famous Russian beauty Marina Orlov of Hot for Words fame has gotten behind the boobquake campaign. Probably not necessary to show this clip but Gubu World could do with the extra hits.

Photo of the Day

The cliffs of Howth.

Monday, April 26, 2010

More MPAC Agitation

Liam Egan and the fascist Muslim Public Affairs Committee have been at it again. The Shia's, the homosexuals and of course the Jews are the main subject of the Wexford man's hate speech. His hatred of liberal society is indeed intense. His politics is more right wing than that of neo Nazis. It saddens me greatly that the labour and socialist parties in Ireland do not appear to recognise this. Below is a small sample of some of the provocative images displayed on the MPAC site.

Putting the green back in Eire, interesting !

The above image is clearly a call for the Islamification of Europe, by force.

Convert, by the sword if necessary is the ethos of the MPAC. Hence the image of Ireland burning under the Islamic sword.

Sharia for Ireland, good luck with that !

Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo of the Day

A squirrel, I wasn't very busy today.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wikileaks and Collateral Murder

The whistle blowing organisation Wikileaks recently released the following shocking video of US forces engaging suspected insurgents in Iraq. Have a look and tell me what you think. Prepare yourselves !

Let me first say that I did not need to see this video to realise that incidents like this happened and probably continue to happen on a fairly regular basis in Iraq. Anybody, whether they are for or against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are naive if the above video shocks them to the extent that they radically change their views on the conflicts. War is never smooth. Its not like the movies. You don't get shot, say a little speech and die. You get blown to bits. Wounds are not always clean. They can break, shatter, rip and burn human flesh. Civilians always die. The above clip illustrates this graphically.

I deliberately waited a couple of weeks to post on this because I wanted to finish a book I was reading about the Irish Civil War (stay with me I'm going somewhere with this). In the spring of 1923 the Irish Civil war had ended in most parts of the country. However it was still raging down in the south west in County Kerry. The Free State government and army feared that a never ending guerrilla war that could destabilise the new state was a real danger. After a series of attacks against Free State soldiers the army under the leadership of Brigadier General Paddy O'Daly (hero of the 1916 Rising and the 1919-1921 Anglo Irish war) of the Dublin Guards decided to take drastic action to pacify the county. O'Daly organised an assassination policy against his former IRA comrades that included atrocities on prisoners. O'Daly was undoubtedly a war criminal. However within one month the Civil War came to an end and Independent Ireland became a solid functioning democratic state which would survive throughout the undemocratic 30's and 40's up to the present day. So my question is, do the ends justify the means.

The above footage was taken in 2007 when violence in Iraq was at it's bloody height. Today, after the surge and the Sunni awakening violence has decreased hugely, elections have taken place and it looks that Iraq might actually become a viable democratic state. So I ask again, do the ends justify the means ? I am not trying to lessen the horror of the footage by asking this question. I believe the men who fired, particularly the second time on the van are guilty of murder. I watched several pundits on Fox defend the actions of the military because it appears two of the men were armed and US forces had received fire from the area not long before. Fair enough, I suppose they are in the clear. But I found the machine gunning of the van that was in the process of picking up the wounded to be an inexcusable act. No amount of spin will clean it up for me.

The question remains. Was it justified ? If Iraq continues on its democratic path and particularly if that path spreads throughout the Arab world then it will be very hard to argue with the drastic action taken by the US military back in 2007. The violence in Iraq was of such extreme levels from 2004 to 2007 that very tough action was required to pacify the country. I accept this. Although I must point out that the pundits who justified the above actions kept referring to how the military had not breached the rules of engagement in this incident. If this is so, I think the rules of engagement need to be reevaluated.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Photo of the Day

Another snap from my Sunday trip to Howth. This time looking North Eastward. On the left is Howth Harbour. In the center is
Ireland's eye. In the distance is Lambay Island.

70 Years Ago Today 20/4/40

Scandinavia: The war is going badly for the allies. Denmark has already fallen and it looks that Norway despite valiant Resistance is likely to follow. It has been a bloody week at sea. On the 14th the British submarine HMS Tarpon was sunk off the Norwegian coast by the German ship Sch├╝rbek with the loss of all 59 men on board. On the 15th HMS Fearless sunk the U Boat U-49 in the same area, most of her crew were rescued. On the 16th British submarine HMS Purpoise sunk the U Boat U1. On the 17th the Battleship HMS Suffolk bombarded a German airfield in the Norweigan port of Stavenger. It is then attacked by German aircraft and severely damaged. It barely makes it back to Britain where it managed to beach itself at Scapa Plow. On the 18th the British Submarine HMS Sterlet was sunk in the Skagerrak channel, probably when it hit a German mine. All 39 crew were lost.

Norway: The war on land is proving just as bloody. British and French troops have landed in Namsos, Andalsnes and Narvik far in the far north and are engages in intense battles. Resistance by the Norwegian army which was initially strong has been hampered by the treasonous actions of Vidkun Quisling the notorious Nazi collaborator who falsely claimed to have formed a government after the invasion. Quisling who was in fact working for the Nazis issued contradictory orders to the Norwegian armed forces causing massive confusion. It took several days for the legitimate Norwegian government to countermand Quisling's orders which had called for surrender.

Berlin: On this day 70 years ago today Hitler celebrated his 51st birthday. He uses the occasion to set up a new SS regiment containing pro Nazi Norwegians and Danes.

Vidkun Quisling,the new puppet Norwegian leader and possibly the most hated of all Europe's Nazi collaborators seen here meeting Hitler not long after he stabbed his country in the back.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Photo of the Day

The view from Howth Head looking southward. In the distance you can see Dalkey Island and the Sugerloaf Volcano.

Bill Clinton says be nice !

Bill Clinton used his relatively moderating influence this weekend in a New York Times article where he attempted to intervene in the whole "civility" debate. Below is an extract.

FIFTEEN years ago today, the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City claimed the lives of 168 men, women and children. It was, until 9/11, the worst terrorist attack in United States history. But what emerged in its aftermath — the compassion, caring and love that countless Americans from all walks of life extended to the victims and their families — was a powerful testament to the best of America. And its lessons are as important now as they were then.

Most of the people killed that day were employees of the federal government. They were men and women who had devoted their careers to helping the elderly and disabled, supporting our veterans and enforcing our laws. They were good neighbors and good friends. One of them, a Secret Service agent named Al Whicher, a husband and father of three, had been on my presidential security detail. Nineteen children also lost their lives.

In the wake of the bombing, Oklahoma City prompted Congress to approve most of the proposals I submitted to develop a stronger and more systematic approach to defending our nation and its citizens against terrorism, an effort that continues today, as we saw with President Obama’s impressive international summit meeting last week to secure all sources of nuclear material that can be made into bombs.

Finally, we should never forget what drove the bombers, and how they justified their actions to themselves. They took to the ultimate extreme an idea advocated in the months and years before the bombing by an increasingly vocal minority: the belief that the greatest threat to American freedom is our government, and that public servants do not protect our freedoms, but abuse them. On that April 19, the second anniversary of the assault of the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, deeply alienated and disconnected Americans decided murder was a blow for liberty.

Americans have more freedom and broader rights than citizens of almost any other nation in the world, including the capacity to criticize their government and their elected officials. But we do not have the right to resort to violence — or the threat of violence — when we don’t get our way. Our founders constructed a system of government so that reason could prevail over fear. Oklahoma City proved once again that without the law there is no freedom.

Criticism is part of the lifeblood of democracy. No one is right all the time. But we should remember that there is a big difference between criticizing a policy or a politician and demonizing the government that guarantees our freedoms and the public servants who enforce our laws. We are again dealing with difficulties in a contentious, partisan time. We are more connected than ever before, more able to spread our ideas and beliefs, our anger and fears. As we exercise the right to advocate our views, and as we animate our supporters, we must all assume responsibility for our words and actions before they enter a vast echo chamber and reach those both serious and delirious, connected and unhinged.

Civic virtue can include harsh criticism, protest, even civil disobedience. But not violence or its advocacy. That is the bright line that protects our freedom. It has held for a long time, since President George Washington called out 13,000 troops in response to the Whiskey Rebellion. Fifteen years ago, the line was crossed in Oklahoma City. In the current climate, with so many threats against the president, members of Congress and other public servants, we owe it to the victims of Oklahoma City, and those who survived and responded so bravely, not to cross it again.

Clinton's article for me prompts the question, who is worse ? The left or the right. George Bush was detested by the left from day one. They never gave him a chance. So frankly the left can't complain too much when a trashy element associated with the right wing in US politics gets a bit out of hand. And in truth, the left's biggest problem with Bush was his image not his policies. George Bush is a white republican from Texas. Throw in the fact that he was originally an oil man and you have all the ingredients required for a left wing hate figure.

Obama on the other hand is a black liberal from Chicago. Enough said, he is already going to be hated by a third of the country for this fact alone. I find all this "big government" thing to be utter nonsense unless of course you are simply a fiscal conservative worried about government debt or are of the legitimate belief that government run institutions breed inefficiency. But the "government is taking over our lives" dogma is no more valid than the "Bush wants to wire tap us all" mantra.

Personally I have never felt that either Bush or Obama are particularly hateful figures. Although I was against the Iraq war and several other policies Bush always struck me as a compassionate man. He was firm with the pharmaceutical companies when he confronted the issue of expense and HIV treatment. The result has and will save millions of African lives (I can't help ask what has any left wing Bush hating political figure ever really done to alleviate poverty and suffering in Africa ?) Likewise the Obama hating element of the right wing Tea Party movement continually portray Obama as a type of Marxist despot. It is utter fantasy which I am beginning to find boring.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photo of the Day

Another one from the wax museum. Thomas Clarke in front of the Proclamation of the Republic.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Interesting Random Fact about Jewish Rights

There are three nations that I am aware of who's constitutions specifically refer to the rights of its Jewish citizens. The three nations are Israel, naturally. Ireland, seriously. And Iran, what !

Israel: Naturally the worlds only Jewish state has incorporated Judaism into many aspects of its constitution.

Ireland: The 1937 Constitution drafted primarily by Eamon De Velera's famously noted in article 44 the "special relationship" of the Catholic church. A lesser known provision of article 44 enshrines the religious rights of Ireland's Jewish minority. Eamon De Velera was very close to members of Ireland's Jewish community most notably Robert Briscoe who probably influenced his decision on this. I must confess though that I have cheated a little bit here. Article 44 was deleted in the "Fifth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland Act of 1973" after a hugely controversial referendum following a rigorous debate on the role of the church in the state.

Iran: For all the madness of the Khomeini regime one area where the revolutionary leader was not as bad as people might have feared was when in came to anti semitism. The revolutionary constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran specifically mentions the religious rights of Persia's ancient Jewish community. Most Jews left of were expelled from the Arab and Muslim states of the Middle East after the foundation of Israel. This did not happen in Iran although the Jewish population has reduced dramatically since the 1979 revolution from 100,000 to 25,000 today. Life for the remaining Jews is tricky to put it mildly not least because many of the Jews who left Iran moved to Israel. Judaism may be tolerated in Iran but Zionism is not. This has left Iran's Jews in an exceptionally awkward situation when it comes to keeping in contact with family in Israel. Paradoxically though, as relations between Iran and Israel appear to be coming to a potentially catastrophic climax, rules regarding Iranian Jews traveling to Israel seem to be relaxing. In recent years the authorities in Iran have allowed its Jewish citizens to travel to Israel, via a third country, to visit their relatives and return unmolested.

Photo of the Day

I generally stayed clear of the recent American health care debate on Gubu World. However I can't help but sympathise with all the conservative commentators who claim that a government run health care system will be an inefficient and bureaucratic monstrosity dominated by the unions. The USA is different than Europe as the Tea Party people love to say. The American people appear to have a genuine deep distrust of government intervention in the economy. Can you really blame them. Just look at the picture I took of people queing at the passport office in Molseworth Street during the recent "slow down" protest by the public sector unions.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nuclear Iran, decision time

Yesterday was Yom HaShoah day in Israel, or Holocaust Remembrance Day as it is known in English. It was also the final day of President Obama's Nuclear security summit in Washington in which 47 nations came together to combat nuclear proliferation. I can think of no better context to lay out the case against a nuclear Iran. People often say to me "what's the big deal"?. India, Pakistan, Israel all have nukes, what is so different about Iran ? Another comment I frequently hear is that Israel is paranoid and obsessed about its security and is trying to drag the United States into a conflict with Iran. To understand why this is completely wide of the mark one must first make an effort to understand Israel, Zionism and the legitimate concerns of world Jewry.

Israelis pause yesterday for two minutes to remember the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust

Yesterday the citizens of Israel observed a two minute silence in memory of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis. It is utterly impossible for non Jews to understand the psychological impact that such a crime has had and continues to have on the Jewish Psyche. The holocaust was much more than racial hatred and mass murder. It was an attempt by the Nazis to round up every Jew on the European continent and murder them in the most cost effective and efficient manner available. It was the worst crime in human history.

The world looks back on the holocaust and says "Never Again". Never again can the world allow a Hitler to emerge. Never again must the international community sleep. But this is not how many Jews see it. Many Israelis and Jews look back on this dark period and asked questions like, how can we prevent this in the future ?. One of the lessons the Jews have learned from the holocaust is that next time they will not rely on others to protect them. The Jews of the 1930s never believed that such a thing could ever happen them. So many Jewish families have a story of a relative who used to say, "You cannot take this Hitler guy seriously". Such Jews always assumed that someone would come to their rescue, but it never happened. Many Jews have a sense of shame that they never managed to effectively fight back against the Nazis and they are sensitive to the image of the Jew being soft. This is Israel. This is why it was created in 1948. Never again will the Jews have to hope that their host nations will protect them from age old hatred of the Jew. They have their own Jewish state now and they will protect it like a tiger defending its cubs.

In a discussion about the Iranian nuclear programme recently I heard Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu say "we will not walk into the gas chambers this time". A lot of people do not seem to accept this as many like to argue that the threat posed by Iran is not comparable to that of Nazi Germany in its day. Not true. The Nazis killed six million Jews. The Iranians could do the same. A nuclear Iran could annihilate Israel. It is highly unlikely that Iran would ever simply launch a nuclear missile at Israel. But what if 8, 10 or 12 guys in the regime were to act, possibly without approval. The next think we know Hezbollah, the Lebanese based Shia group, and Iranian proxy, that controls the South of Lebanon could have access to a nuclear weapon. Unlikely you might say, probably but can you really expect the Israelis to just hope it will all be ok. As Netenyahu says, "not this time" and I say, fair play to him. Iranian threats cannot be ignored as toothless rhetoric. Just like the relative who thought Hitler could be dismissed, taking Iranian threats to wipe Israel of the face of the map lightly could be national suicide for Israel. This becomes even more apparent when one delves into the thinking behind Iran's theocratic system with all its apocalyptic visions.

Obama's nuclear summit focused on two areas. The first which appears to have been successful was an international agreement to secure all vulnerable nuclear materials throughout the world. This is welcome news and hopefully a big blow to the long feared nightmare scenario of a well financed terrorist group, employing disaffected former Soviet scientists and working with elements in an emerging nuclear nation to arm a terrorist group with a nuclear weapon. The second less successful element of the summit concerned UN sanctions on Iran. The only way sanctions on Iran could be powerful enough to prevent Tehran from progressing in its nuclear ambitions is if they were endorsed by the UN security council, ie the five permanent members of the council. The British French and Americans are in favour of tough sanctions but the Russians and Chinese are not. Unfortunately, despite marginally harsher language Moscow and Beijing still appear to be opposed to sanctions. If this does not change in the very near future Israel (or possibly the US) will bomb Iran's nuclear sites. If this happens we can say goodbye to the global economic recovery as well as the military progress seen lately in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only other alternative is some sort of out of the blue opening to Iran (Nixon to China style) that stems from some secret negotiations we are unaware of. This would be a satisfactory outcome (no matter how loud the cries of appeasement from the GOP) if it resulted in a non nuclear Iran.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photo of the Day

Just after dawn this morning, in a traffic jam on the M50 northbound.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

President Pryor

Did you know that Obama was not the first black President.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Photo of the Day

A Defence Forces soldier on patrol on Abbey Street outside Wynns Hotel at last Sunday's Easter Rising commemoration. He asked me not to include his face. I was going to oblige but he turned just as I snapped so unfortunately you cannot see his Steyer rifle.

70 Years Ago Today 9/3/40

Scandinavia: On this day 70 years ago Germany invaded Denmark and Norway. The phony war is over. The British government of Nevil Chamberlain appear to have been taken by surprise despite intelligence that suggested it was going to happen. In fact only the previous day the Royal Navy had begun to mine the Norwegian coast and in a skirmish the HMS Gloworm was sunk by the Admiral Hipper with the loss of 111 lives. The invasion of Denmark itself took less than 24 hours to complete after which all Danish islands, airfields, ports and inlets were in Nazi hands. After 16 Danish deaths and German threats to bomb Copenhagen King Christian X ordered a ceasefire. It would be the first day of a brutal five year occupation. Norway however would be more difficult to subdue.

Norway: The British destroyer HMS Gurkha is sunk near Bergen by German bombers. All but 15 of her crew are rescued. The HMS Rodney is badly damaged in the same attack.

Oslo Airport: German paratroopers seize the Oslo's main airport.

Oslo: On this day 70 years ago the German Heavy Cruiser Blucher sailed into Oslo harbour carrying 1000 German troops in a raid designed to take the center of the Norwegian capital. However the port was well defended and the massive German ship was met with Heavy gun and torpedo fire. Blucher was sunk with the loss of 830 lives. Other ships behind the Blucher retreated believing the port to be mined. Although the Norwegians successfully defended their capital, German landings in other Cities/towns such as Bergen, Stavanger, Egersund, Kristiansand S, Arendal, Horten, Trondheim and Narvik in the far north would all be taken by the Germans on this day.

The German Troop Carrier Blucher sinking in Oslo harbour, 70 years ago today.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo of the Day

I took this image through the window of a moving car last weekend while driving through Co Roscommon. Quite pleasant I thought.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Liam Egan and the Fascist MPAC

I don't think the logo is referring to the color of the grass

I have blogged in the past here that Ireland's relations with its Muslims is sound. I am sticking to that. There are approximately 40,000 Muslims living in Ireland, the vast majority of whom are hard working and law abiding individuals who contribute to life in this country in a positive way. However in recent weeks I have clashed with the Muslim Public Affairs Committee who I believe are in the midst of a campaign of agitation designed to create tension in Ireland between Muslims and Non Muslims. The ultimate objective of this campaign is to convince Ireland's Muslims that they are a persecuted minority in an effort to drag them down the same bitter path that the MPAC and its leader Liam Egan have chosen. Most will reject this but we must face the fact that particularly in recessionary times, some are likely to follow and support the MPAC. To this end I will keep a watch over the MPAC with the intention of confronting and exposing this agenda. Exposing that agenda is not difficult. Egan and the MPAC's daily rhetoric includes hatred of Jews and Homosexuals as well as Shia Muslims. This is in addition to its clear hostility toward the Irish State and Nation. They occasionally hide their extreme agenda in issues such as lack of Mosques (as if its the states responsibility to build Mosques) or US troops flying through Shannon but the true bigoted and hate filled motives of the MPAC are never far away if one is willing to look just below the surface.

Don't take my word for it. Below are the wise words of Irish Muslim Yusuf Mirza from his fine blog EireIslam

Though it may at first give the impression of being a competent and subscribed “Islamic” organisation in fact MPACie, that is The Muslim Public Affairs Committee of Ireland is actually owned and run by just one man. That mans name is Liam Egan aka Mujahid. The white, middle class forty something Gory, Co.Wexford native and the self proclaimed voice of the Muslim people of Ireland. He is certainly a man on a mission. On the MPACie web site this one man organisations displays the logo/banner declaring that it will “put the green back into Ireland”. That is the muddy green of course of a totalitarian, intolerant, and an ultra repressive mono religious and mono cultural theocracy exclusively run by Mujahids patrons, the Saudi led Wahabiests. Not to be confused with the vivid, bright and progressive Green of the Islam that was thought and practiced by The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him).

MPACie like its owner supports an ultra extremist interpretation of Islam favoured by the Saudi Wahabi Clerics and subscribed to by such household names as Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Muhammad Omar leader of the Taliban and the Christmas underwear bomber. Claiming that they are the only true and legitimate face of Islam in Ireland MPACie had effectively and many times literally declared many other Muslims communities deviant and dissident. Declaring Ahmadis, Shia, Sufis non Muslim and even attacking many Irish Sunni Imams. This has found Mr. Egan in a more and more isolated position. But there is a neich out there and Mujahid is finding it.

Many Times on Sundays under the Dublin Spire our Ahmadi Muslim Community displays an information stall engaging with the public, giving out Information on Islam and answering questions from passers by. Just across from us at the GPO is Mujahids core market. The teenage Wahabiest fan club also hold a stall which promotes justification for what they view as “Jihad” and the repression of non Wahabiests both inside and outside of Islam. These are young men between the ages of 15 and 25 whose minds have been perverted and infected by the Wahabi virus. Many times these youngens come across and verbally attack our people and there have been incidents of them even using physical intimidation and shouting at passers by in order to frighten them away from our stall.

Mr.Liam Egan and his disciples follow a very puritanical and literal interpretation of the Holy Qur,aan but in my own experience they themselves can not read Arabic nor have they ever studied Islamic theology, history or jurisprudence. They as with Mujahid instead rely solely on the Fatwas (religious statement/pronouncements) of the Saudi divines. Their statements and ruling set into Liam’s mind as concrete and irrefutable even thought they may go completely against the core Teachings of Islam like concerning the sanctity of human life for instance. Believing as Wahabis do that because the current Saudi Regime are keepers of the Kabah (the holy house in Mecca also known as the black stone of Mecca which was built my Adam as the first house of worship, rebuilt by Abraham and his son Ishmael and again reclaimed from the idolaters by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them all) that they have been invested by God that whatever they should pronounce becomes accepted interpretation of the Holy Qur’aan and that they alone can interpret it.

The Saudi Arabian Community in Ireland have by large rejected Mujahid and his teenage children of the corn and see him as just a side show clown or a caricature of the quintessential “ignorant mullah”. But this ignorant mullah is consciously helping fan an ideology and create an atmosphere which is leading to young people seeking out those channels and contacts which could lead them to commit mass murder upon Irish people.

One educated Saudi resident in Ireland who like many others has become increasingly alarmed has recently set up a website called Anti-MPAC which can be viewed here disclaiming any of Mujahids claims; that he speaks for Irish Muslims or that the repressive and bigoted Saudi State is the infallible mouthpiece of God.

So please when you hear about MPACie do remember that IRELANDS MUSLIMS REJECT MPACie 100%.

It is great to see Ireland's Muslims are willing to disassociate themselves so clearly from Liam Egan and his militant views. I would encourage all to do so and not to allow the MPAC be portrayed as mainstream opinion. This will not be easy. The problem with modern media and the blogosphere is that the more controversial a statement you make, the more likely it is to get noticed. This gives the MPAC an advantage. However failure to confront the MPAC is not an option. This became clear to me in recent days when Liam Egan attempted to exploit the horrific murder of a 15 year old Nigerian Muslim in an outrageous and truly disgusting manner. There may have been a racist motive for the innocent boy's murder although there is no indication it had anything to do with his religion. While the parents of the dead boy have called for no retaliation Liam Egan believes it is time for Muslims to form groups to defend themselves from violent attacks. This was an unforgivable attempt to instill a sense of fear and isolation into Ireland's Muslims in order to encourage them to follow his bigoted and militant agenda which is based on the Saudi, Wahhabi interpretation of Islam. Frankly, what a scumbag !

Monday, April 5, 2010

Photo of the Day

I took this photo of the General Post Office at yesterdays commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising.

And below is a short piece of footage I took of Four Pilatus PC-9M aircraft doing a flyover of O'Connell Street and the GPO.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jewish Settlements and Moral Equivalence

George Bush is no better than Osama Bin Laden. Suicide bombings are the same as cruise missiles. Tony Blair is a terrorist and Israel is a Nazi state. This is left wing "moral equivalence". It is a tactic used by the far left to throw sand in everyones eyes by portraying the fight against terrorism as itself being terrorism. It is a despicable tactic where the accused is labeled as that which they are fighting in an effort to de legitimise the cause. It causes most bitterness in Israel, when for example Gaza gets compared to the Warsaw Ghetto. However moral equivalence is not confined to the left. I have noticed in recent weeks particularly in America (now that the Republicans are the underdog) that the right have their own subtle little way of playing the moral equivalence card.

We see this mostly with the pro Israeli lobby. Barack Obama is pro Iran and anti Israel. Telling Jews where they cannot live is no different than Nazi policy toward Jews in Europe. Regarding the first point, anybody who wants to make it should first ask themselves, how much worth of military aid did President Obama send to Israel in his first year in office and how much did he send to Iran. No further discussion is required once that question is answered. The second point is so illogical it barely merits mention but those who lobby for the further expansion of Jewish settlements into the West Bank often make this argument. All I can say is that I'm pretty sure if you went up to an IDF soldier who had been tasked with removing a Jewish settlement from the West Bank and told him that he was behaving like a Nazi, you would likely receive the butt of an M-16 to the gut, and you would deserve it. This recent spat between the US and Israel may have been about settlements in East Jerusalem which is slightly less controversial than proposed settlents further East. However it is still a hugely thorny subject. I for one do not buy the "natural growth" argument. The real purpoe behind Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem is to invalidate Palestinian claims that Jerusalem is the legitimate capital of a future Palestinian state. If you want to make peace in the Holy Land you are going to have to upset both sides. I am glad President Obama appears willing to do this and that he is not being phased by right wing moral equivalence.