Tuesday, April 20, 2010

70 Years Ago Today 20/4/40

Scandinavia: The war is going badly for the allies. Denmark has already fallen and it looks that Norway despite valiant Resistance is likely to follow. It has been a bloody week at sea. On the 14th the British submarine HMS Tarpon was sunk off the Norwegian coast by the German ship Sch├╝rbek with the loss of all 59 men on board. On the 15th HMS Fearless sunk the U Boat U-49 in the same area, most of her crew were rescued. On the 16th British submarine HMS Purpoise sunk the U Boat U1. On the 17th the Battleship HMS Suffolk bombarded a German airfield in the Norweigan port of Stavenger. It is then attacked by German aircraft and severely damaged. It barely makes it back to Britain where it managed to beach itself at Scapa Plow. On the 18th the British Submarine HMS Sterlet was sunk in the Skagerrak channel, probably when it hit a German mine. All 39 crew were lost.

Norway: The war on land is proving just as bloody. British and French troops have landed in Namsos, Andalsnes and Narvik far in the far north and are engages in intense battles. Resistance by the Norwegian army which was initially strong has been hampered by the treasonous actions of Vidkun Quisling the notorious Nazi collaborator who falsely claimed to have formed a government after the invasion. Quisling who was in fact working for the Nazis issued contradictory orders to the Norwegian armed forces causing massive confusion. It took several days for the legitimate Norwegian government to countermand Quisling's orders which had called for surrender.

Berlin: On this day 70 years ago today Hitler celebrated his 51st birthday. He uses the occasion to set up a new SS regiment containing pro Nazi Norwegians and Danes.

Vidkun Quisling,the new puppet Norwegian leader and possibly the most hated of all Europe's Nazi collaborators seen here meeting Hitler not long after he stabbed his country in the back.

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