Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jewish Settlements and Moral Equivalence

George Bush is no better than Osama Bin Laden. Suicide bombings are the same as cruise missiles. Tony Blair is a terrorist and Israel is a Nazi state. This is left wing "moral equivalence". It is a tactic used by the far left to throw sand in everyones eyes by portraying the fight against terrorism as itself being terrorism. It is a despicable tactic where the accused is labeled as that which they are fighting in an effort to de legitimise the cause. It causes most bitterness in Israel, when for example Gaza gets compared to the Warsaw Ghetto. However moral equivalence is not confined to the left. I have noticed in recent weeks particularly in America (now that the Republicans are the underdog) that the right have their own subtle little way of playing the moral equivalence card.

We see this mostly with the pro Israeli lobby. Barack Obama is pro Iran and anti Israel. Telling Jews where they cannot live is no different than Nazi policy toward Jews in Europe. Regarding the first point, anybody who wants to make it should first ask themselves, how much worth of military aid did President Obama send to Israel in his first year in office and how much did he send to Iran. No further discussion is required once that question is answered. The second point is so illogical it barely merits mention but those who lobby for the further expansion of Jewish settlements into the West Bank often make this argument. All I can say is that I'm pretty sure if you went up to an IDF soldier who had been tasked with removing a Jewish settlement from the West Bank and told him that he was behaving like a Nazi, you would likely receive the butt of an M-16 to the gut, and you would deserve it. This recent spat between the US and Israel may have been about settlements in East Jerusalem which is slightly less controversial than proposed settlents further East. However it is still a hugely thorny subject. I for one do not buy the "natural growth" argument. The real purpoe behind Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem is to invalidate Palestinian claims that Jerusalem is the legitimate capital of a future Palestinian state. If you want to make peace in the Holy Land you are going to have to upset both sides. I am glad President Obama appears willing to do this and that he is not being phased by right wing moral equivalence.

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